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April 12, 2008



This is so adorable - love it!!


Beeeeutiful card Carole!! The colors are gorgeous. (one of my favs)
Have a fabulouzzzzzz weekend...


So bright and fun! Love the bit of glitter on the hive! TFS!

Julee T.

Great card, Carole! Bees are cool - although a year ago we had a swarm in our backyard, and they are FRIGHTENING creatures in that big of a mass! I do like most bird stamps, but I'm a little freaked out by owls. Every time I see one on a card I kind of creep out a bit. LOL! I think it's because mom had a thing for owls when I was a kid and we lived in this old run down house with lots of weird noises and it always felt like the eyes of all the little owl figurines were watching me everywhere I went. SPOOOOOOOKY!!! I know mom had them because they symbolized wisdom, but I still dislike them and can't make myself stamp with even the cutest owl stamps. LOL, I have no idea why I just typed all that, but now you know. :)


Love this Carole!


This card is so super cute!!! I love the bee's and the bright cheerful colors!!
PS You are welcome for the card!!


SO cute! I love the dimension of the bees!


I love this card! What a fun card -- the colors are so bright and happy. ;D

Diane Lapointe

What a great card!!!!

Angela (monkeymama)

Way cool card!!!


Slightly partial to bees but I love it! :-)

Cheryl Horton

Thanks for the great card, I popped over to Jen's blog and played. great Sketch. I posted to SCS but it's not there yet. You can also see it at my blog Thanks for the great inspiration.

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