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December 10, 2012


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Kate - i {heart} papers

Poinsettia pasties!!! Crying from laughing. Oh my.


Oh my word!!!! Carole that is hilarious!!!! Only you would make sure pasties were in place!!!! Ha! Yay for Sean playing along!!!! My DH would have NEVER done so!!!! LOL!

Cindy Lawrence

Hahahaaaaa.... That is AWESOME! Thanks for the laugh, Carole!

Debbie Carriere

Just awesome!! I think you probably just started an annual tradition!!!!

Troy Louise

What fun story! Love your sweater - what would we do without our craft dies? Your husband is quite a guy! Thanks for the smile.


You deserved to win! Congratulations,,,

Amy Rohl

Oh my gosh!!! That looks like a teacher sweater, loll, except.for.the.TASSELS!! LMAO! Only you, my dear girl!

Karen (YNS)

Oh WOW! You totally won that contest!!! You took the ugly sweater contest to the max and I LOVE it! xo


wow, rotfl, you did a great job embellishing!

Felix Lee

I love what you did with that jacket/sweater. You deserved to win that contest. Haha.. Congratulations!

Carolyn King

poinsettia pasties....that is SOOOO Carole! LOVE it! SEE ya soon....wear the sweater!

alma de la rosa

Oh my. I think I am in love. Love the ball fringe! It totally pulls the whole shebang together

chaussures asics

Precej dobro delovno mesto. Pravkar sem naletel na vaš blog in želel reči, da sem res uživala branju vaših objav v spletnem dnevniku. Kakorkoli bom se naročite na vaš vir in upam, da boste objavili kmalu spet.


It's a good thing I scrolled back up and read your post! My first thought when I saw this sweater was Ewww--talk about overdoing the themes! Now I understand why you went overboard--great job! How come no snowmen, tho???

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