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June 18, 2013


Kerri M.

WOW! That card you made for Sean is AWESOME!!! What a lot of work, but so worth it! Love the bookmark too, and yes it is just perfect with that book. What a great gift idea!

Kelly L

Very cool card, and I loved the books too! *blush* Great idea. A whole lot of work cutting all those ties, but definitely well worth the effort. :) May be quite a "conversation piece" for those that see it in his office. hee hee

Wanda G (stampcat)

FABULOUSNESS! Great card and adorable bookmark! How did you make that adorable twine tassel? Please share! Loved this post. Have a great day Carole!

Tammie E

I loved your 50 Shades card when I saw it the first time, Carole, but your bookmark is awesome! Love that fun tassel!

Joan Ervin

Well, I'm not quite as bad as you, Carole, cause I haven't read the shades of gray book yet but just give me a month or two....I hate trailing!! Your card is fabulous and I love your adorable book mark....hope you win the prize!!

Charmaine Ikach

LOVE your bookmark and card! All of those ties are fabulous!!

Julie L

Though I haven't read that series, I do love your card. I, too, am a nonstop reader, in spite of years of teaching college English. I always have a book in the car, by my desk, by the bed, in my suitcase and always a long list on hold at the library :-)

Stephanie Kraft

Love your 50 Shades card, Carole! It's amazing - I made it through that series pretty quickly as I couldn't put it down. ;) Your bookmark is so fun - love the twine tassel!

Shannon White

LOVED your Awesome 50 shades of Grey card for your Hubby! and Your bookmark is DARLING Carole!! An I am in agreement with Miss Wanda! We need a tutorial on how you made that awesome tassel!! I do watch the GOT series too. lol and I feel naked without a book or my e-reader as well, lol Haven't read 50 shades of Grey yet, might have to load it up on my kindle though, lol ( a little more in-cognito that way, lol )



Your card is one of my absolute favorites! Love your bookmark and your tassel! BTW, I've already set my hair on fire (in a good way!) and will probably have to do it a few more times! lol!

Cynthia Clark

I certainly know how you feel. There's always a book in my purse. Never know when the car will break down or get stuck in traffic. I have this stamp set. Love yours!

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