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September 15, 2007



I absolutely adore your chicken made me giggle! On the feet binding thing....It is so strange and wierd that I am not sure what to say....I guess each culture DOES have some wierdness to the fact that here, if you are not a size 0, you are considered fat!


Very cute and creative!! Glad to see you blogging you are an awesome artist!!

Julie (Joypup on SCS)

Freaky Friday WORKS and so does that Chicken card. Sherry Cheever would be proud ;^)* I just LOVE it! So glad I found your blog.


I have just finished reading 2 books that included foot binding in them, to my students. The books are Bound and Chinese Cinderella. I went to Hawaii last spring and went to a museum featuring foot binding artifacts. Fascinating!
I teach in a juvenile jail (detention facility) and the kids were fascinated with the pictures I brought back.

Love your blog.

Donna, a fellow stamper


hmmm, great card!! I love the twist ties, find the chicken stamp rather freaky ;)
foot binding, yes, weird, probably just about as weird as circumcision, no? another form of human mutilation :)

Joan B

that chicken card is cracking me up. keep it up. you have a great sense of humor!!

Carolyn King (Cammie SCS)

YOU ARE A CRACK UP, girl! (No pun intended there either) what a funny card....cannot wait to see your next twisted creation! lol!


Great to find your blog. I have admired your work on SC. I was very interested in this article. It is so hard to believe of all the old customs. This one was a shocker. Ouch...thankfully we don't have this tradition!!! Chris


EXCELLENT! This is the TruCarMa humor I have come to love. :-) Great feature - and that chicken card is too funny! I also read this same book for my book club - thought it was really fascinating - pretty wild to see what a bound foot really looks like. Personally, I'll keep my tattoo. ;-)

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