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October 29, 2007



That's so cool! Thanks for sharing so many details! So glad such a nice person got a chance to play on TV!


carole...i actually got to watch both nights! you did wonderful...congrats!


You are such a card...........LOL. You did great. We enjoyed watching you on the show. I can't believe that the last item on your list is NEW STAMPS...........
AND "BTW" name is Krisstee...............LOL I do however suffer motion I will have to pass on the cruise.

Billie (myboys)

Oh my gosh, it is nice to find your blog. I have learned so much about you, its wonderful. I am just laughing (a good laugh) you were on millionaire, that is so awesome. You really won big, good for you!

I will stop back and catch up a little more about you and your stamping ideas. You blog is great. Hugs to your son! And the rest of your family

Karen Sullivan

How cool! I watched your shows and you did wonderful! You seem really sweet and fun too!! I love the ways to spend your $$ - I don't know what I'm more jealous of - having someone come in and de-clutter my home or going on the cruise! Great card too!


Thanks for letting us know the behind the scenes stuff! So cool and i'm so happy for you - and extremely jealous of the professional organizers! lol!

Sharon (aka sharondh on SCS)

Thanks so much for the details of your experience; it's uper interesting to learn how it all happens. I watched you both nights and you were marvelous. You appeared so relaxed and confindent. Congratulations on winning $50K!!! Have fun using your winnings in those terrific ways.


Love that card... I hate that I spoiled my own surprise by seeing it!


Thanks for the play by play, Carole. That is SO SO cool! Memories to last a lifetime! :)

Joan B

What an amazingly fun story. You are a great writer! Smooth and interesting. Congrats. I am so super jealous about the stamping cruise, my face is lime green!! Enjoy!



That is so much fun! I loved your story and all the details you gave about your experience.

I LOVED having your cards to CASE on SCS, and was so excited to see your name. Thanks for all the awesome cards and stories and everything else you share.

I really like your millionaire cute!

Susan Liles (susiestampalot)

carole, that is so awesome!! i missed the episodes, but i thought about you on both days, so be sure and let us know how we can catch up! i bet you are so relieved to finally be able to let that cat out of the bag!! congrats on your winnings! wanna take one more friend on the cruise? wink wink!! one of my best friends and i tried out for wheel of fortune a couple of years ago here in dallas. it was more of a luck of the draw type thing that you even got to try out, but it was a fun experience and i have a picture of me in front of the "wheel mobile" to remember it by!! have fun spending your dough!!


Oh how fun! I heard all about this over at SCS. . .thanks for giving all the details! :) Congratulations!

Kathyc on SCS

Ooooooh, how fun! I am so happy for you and what great plans you've made with your winnings; I think the whole thing is just awesome! Congratulations again!


This is SO COOL! Thanks for sharing all the details, what an interesting post! I'm so bummed I've been out of stamping commission and totally missed this - I would have loved to watch it! Congrats on the 50K! Your plans for the money sound fabulous!


Congratulations on your win! Totally enjoyed reading about your wonderful adventure...........just one word of advice....on your list of spending, DO NOT let the organizer in your stamp room LOL

Rose Ann

How awesome, Carole!! Thanks for sharing your story, and a huge congratulations to you!! Woo hoo!!


It was so fun to watch you Carole! That cake is awesome and your card is too funny!!

Debbie Olson

Not only do you make gorgeous cards, but you also wrote one of the most interesting blog posts of all time--congratulations!


It was so fun reading about your experiences regarding WWTBAM--you really seem like a good choice as a contestant for the show. O regret that I missed your appearance on the show, but I'm thrilled that you won $50,000--wow! Congrats, and thanks for sharing your experience with us!

Love your cards and your blog!


wow!!! What an awesome experience! I'm glad that you had a great time! Congratulations!

Kim L.

That is absolutely a once in a lifetime thing!! Glad you had a good time and congrats on the win!!

Chris (cdjkssss)

Carole, I still have both of your shows on the DVR, and tech-nerd hubby could probably get them to you if you still need them. Just let me know!

Karen (YNS)

Holy crap! How COOL is this! I had no idea you were on this TV Game Show! Congrats! You really have had some amazing and awesome life experiences! xo

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