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October 05, 2007



Your creamer project cracked me, Carole! But, my heart ached for Stella . . . what a horribly painful tragedy for this poor woman . . . I cannot even imagine what she went through . . .

monica sheldon

I use to drink coffee and I drank my with cream or blank as it made no difference to me how I drank mine. to me coffee was coffee. as long as i had it who cared if I had creamer in it or not?? But your right about Mickey D's they do need to be more sensintive if more of this is going to happen.But we have to watch ourselves also and don't get clumsy in the car or inside the restaurant.

Karen Sullivan

that altered coffee container is too cool! love the patchwork look on it.. and interesting Freaky Friday antecode too

Christina Fischer

I love to read your blog entries -- you definitely have a gift for storytelling!! :) I do feel for Stella, and I can't imagine how terrible her experience must have been!

Your altered Coffeemate container is fantastic! What a perfect image to use -- I've felt that way MANY times! Thanks for sharing it!


I, too, must have my coffee a "creamy caramel" color. As a matter of fact, I darn near choked on my "coffeemate" cup of coffee as I read this blog! MY hubby feels the same. He says, "why bother with drinking coffee at all, if you're just going to add all that foo-foo stuff to it?" Glad to hear that there are others in my boat! Loved the info on the Mc D's story too....very true! Have a good day!

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