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October 09, 2007



Love your card! That phrase is perfect, and I'm lucky with my m.i.l. too (and oddly enough she just sent a denim jacket--for me tho'--:0) so I'll have to borrow your great saying. :0) Looking at your gorgeous edges makes me want to brave my S.U. layers tool :0) Mel

Jen del Muro

too flippin' cute!!

Jen del Muro

too flippin' cute!!


I found your blog through the DoodleFactory designer, Irene, and love your cards! Great work!

Be sure to check out SunSpirit Studio for her new stamps which will be coming out in Novemeber!

Take care,

Lindsay Boman

I love this card! As well as all of the others I have seen on your blog! I am adding you to my favorites.



Aww I love this one - but then I love all your cards. The color scheme is perfect - your work is impeccable!

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