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October 20, 2007


Shannan Teubner

This is sooo stinkin cute! Love those images. You're fabulous!


Adorable! Love it!

Susan Liles (susiestampalot)

hey carole, finally getting some normalcy and i can have a little computer time! i LOVE the little spooky guys! i didn't have a chance to do this sketch yet, but my first thought with the starburst thingy was "POW" "BAM" from the old old batman shows!! makes me crack up!! just don't have a Batman stamp for it, and i am certainly NOT going to draw one!!! i like drawing more girly things!! as far as freakiness---i LOVE the smell of StazOn and gasoline. my grandmother used to like the smell of hot black tar. now that's weird! oh and the closet door has to be shut before i go to never know if something or someone might go in there and try to hide...eek!!!

jen del muro

love the card and your bits of freakiness. i have quite the laundry list, too...i wouldn't know where to begin. maybe with the fact that i hate wearing shoes...and shoes with socks...ack!!!! let my feet breathe!!!!!


That is some good stuff for sure!! I am SO a Lifetime Junkie! You know it!!!

Carolyn King (Cammie)

Lifetime...Yeah!!! Gotta love curling up with a lifetime movie when I can!!!
Love bread and butter pickles...mmmm!!! Plain..on a sandwich...however!!!

You are too funny girl!! Hugs!

Maxell on SCS

I like some of your "not so odd" things: McRibs when they are available here, Lady Stetson (still wear it some), corduroy, MBB-in anything.

Congrats on your Millionaire gig and on being today's Featured Stamper on SCS. I got sidetracked from your Gallery-need to go look for a card to case!

Jen del Muro

congrats on your featured stamper status at scs!! :) it continues to rain, huh?

GrammaStamper (Barb)

Congrats on being the FS today. I hadn't really seen your gallery before, but I love everything in it. In fact, I bookmarked your blog and added it to my blog roll so I can visit everyday! Hope that's okay. Can't wait to see you on Who Wants to be a Millionaire! That must have been a blast.


Oh Carole! I absolutely love this card! They look like they are holding hands! Tracey is gonna flip over this one!! Just too cute!

Just like Susan, I love the smell of Stazon and Gasoline! I don't think either are too healthy for you but I can't help but take a whif if I can! Who am I kidding anyway, my kids took all of my brain cells when I delivered them anyway!

christina fischer

You crack me up! That card is too much fun -- your freakiness is fine with me! :)


Your little Halloweed dudes are just too cute!!! I love them!!! Adorable card!

Chris Mott

I have seen Meridith in that movie. She really is psycho in that part, and plays her character well!!! Very cute card, and it looks like a challenge! I will check out jen's challenge ! have a great afternoon! chris


Great job on Millionaire! You are so funny and clever!
NOW, are you going to buy $50,000 in stampin supplies??!! hehehe!

broni (waterchild12)

Yee haw! Girl, I just watched you on Millionaire and you were awesome! You knew it was Vitorino too! Too cool! Congratulations on your big win!

Rose Ann

Your Halloween card is sooo adorable!!


This is too funny! I had started catching up on your blog last night - I went thru the McD's drivethru today for a coke & saw that McRib was BACK FOR A LIMITED TIME and thought of you. :-) Hmm a freaky tidbit about me? Along the lines of your MBB thing, whenever I stumble across "Four Weddings and a Funeral" (which is way too often!) I get sucked in and have to watch it. And I've been known to sit down with a spoon & a tub of cool whip and find the entire thing empty before I've realized what I've done... sigh... (which is why once this pregnancy is over I am heading back to Weight Watchers...!!)

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