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November 01, 2007


Shannan Teubner

Thanks so much for sharing this, Carole! My mom volunteers at a theraputic riding place here in TX, and those kiddos are so special to her!!


Thanks for sharing your story with us! I think mothers that have children with disabilities are such an inspiration! Loved their costumes too!!


What an adorable card - love the little elephant friends. I'm glad you shared a little about your sweet Carter - I have to say I've been a little curious since reading your "about me" on here but didn't know how to ask. Your adjectives to describe him sound just like my Carter. :-) What a cute little monkey!!


Somehow I feel your entry today might have been in response to an email I sent you but never got a reply back to. My 5 yr. old granddaughter also has CP--seemingly the exact same as Carter and also due to prematurity. She too walks with a walker and arm canes some but we've never been told that she may walk some day on her own. It too affects her arms causing some limitations as she gets older. The difference it seems is that her speech is not and has never been a problem...she was extremely advanced with speech early on so never needed speech therapy. She talked in complete sentences from the very beginning with perfect enunciation and has an unusually advanced vocabulary. She attended pre school for 2 years and is now in Kindergarten(all 3 years in classes too with her regularily developing peers). So far it seems that CP has not affected her cognitively other than a very short attention span. Be so thankful you live in an area where he has access to therapies and medical answers. We aren't so lucky and have to fight for every service she receives. She is all of the things you've described Carter to be and the love of my life!!!

Karen Sullivan

Very interesting story - your sons are both adorable!
And the card is cute too - I thought it was going to be some kind of republican greeting with those GOP elephants! :)

Carolyn King (Cammie) are truly super mom..thank you for sharing such a personal and inspirational story. I am sure there are so many people you have touched today. I am sorry your friends are moving away---but luckily not too far. That card is soo sweet!!!

Those halloween pictures are too cute..what a sweet pair of kids you have.

Your cards rock girlfriend. Big ole hugs!

jen del muro

Adorable pics of Halloween!! I appreciate your explanation of CP. It is important to know where people are in life, especially your friends. Hugs to you my friend.

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