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November 22, 2007


Becky Elfert

One holiday tradition that my family always did (that I'm trying to get my husband to do now as well) is always having Pilsbury cinnamon rolls for breakfast Thanksgiving and Christmas mornings.

PS I saw the card on SCS and think its great!

Happy Thanksgiving
Becky Elfert


I love, love, love Christmas. We do this...Child #1 (now 20) always puts the angel on top of the tree, Child #2 (17) turns the lights on, Child #3 (13) puts the first ornament on, and Child #4 (10) puts the first present on the tree. They all really look forward to their "job" and I just love everything about Christmas!! We also do an advent box with a piece of a nativity in each one and the last day is Baby Jesus that goes in the manger.

Lynn Brown

My favorite holiday tradition is to make cut-out cookies with my kids. We make a ton of them and make a HUGE mess, but it's so much fun. It's one of my favorite memories as a child during the Christmas season, and I wanted to continue it with my own kids.

Happy Thanksgiving!

Tara Wiersma

my favorite holiday tradition is listening to christmas music while setting up the tree on thanksgiving evening. i love the holidays its such a great time to spend with family and friends. thank you for the chance to win such a nice gift!


My favorite holiday tradition is making dressing to serve with the turkey. Our family recipe goes back 4 generations and is served at both Thanksgiving and Christmas. My children will carry on the tradition as they watched me make it this morning, each making their notes on how to make it. #2 son is waiting anxiously for it to come out of the oven! Guess I should stamp out recipes for them this coming year. . .

Ellie Augustin

Well We wear comfty p.j.'s to my MIL on X-mas eve and we wait around telling stories and when it hits 12am we have to sing a x-mas carol to open up a gift.. I love to hear my sons trying to sing x-mas carol its so funny because all they want to do is open their gift! lol By the 4th round everyone ends up singing Jiggle Bells! lol

Cindy Vernon

Well, we always have hot apple cider and listen to Christmas Carols when we trim the tree. It puts us all in the X-mas spirit!

Jen Booth

We have a few Christmas traditions, the first is listening to Christmas music while we decorate the tree and while we wrap presents. Another is we each get new pjamas on Christmas eve (love that tradition).
Thanks for a great giveaway!

Happy Thanksgiving!


One of my favorite traditions is putting up a village.

I used to put it under the tree but now I put it on tne hallway entry table. The village contains gifts and souveniers from different travels.

This tradition started when I was a girl. My great grand-father made my mom a set of handmade wooden houses, and a church, and various little stores. The house was actually the home that I grew up in. My mom recently gave me that house for my own village!

I have a little VW bug in it, from when I owned a bug. Lots of Santas EVERYWHERE, because I still BELIEVE! A little replica of the Hearst castle, from when our family took a vacation there. A little teddy bear from a dear friend. A golden gate bridge from a special San Francisco vacation... A bridge and lighthouse from a Michigan vacation from when my nephew got married... a maple leaf from a Toronto vacation....

I have a lot of ornaments from travels too. It's a special time to decorate, and think of each memory and time one by one.

Thanks for the trip down memory lane. I am grateful for your blog, and the time you were featured stamper, and the postcard I CASED of yours. (which I still need to send!!)

Blessings to you and all,

Lela (aka Serenity Stamper)


We always watch "Home for the Holidays" each year, listen to Adam Sandler sing the Hanukkah song, and watch the Best of Saturday Night Live Christmas.

Jan Scholl

Since I really dont do Christmas anymore, this is hard. But I write all my checks for charity in the afternoon watching A Christmas Story for the bazillionth time.


I give my kids a new ornament each Christmas-always something significant to them that year-they will get the ornaments when they have their own places-at 18 and 21 they still look forward to the night we put up the tree and they get their new ornament. I have taken a photo of them in their new Christmas pjs (they get these on Christmas Eve) in front of the fireplace while Dad reads "The Night before Christmas". I have a little 5x7 scrapbook with a picture from each year-it is so fun to watch them change over the years in this little book. Enjoy the holiday season.


Ok, seriously I want the "highly collectible" magnet! And your super cute ATC!!!

A tradition that I love is what's called "Santa's mail". My mom made a hanging wall decoration that has a santa coming out of the chimeny, with a big pocket to hold goodies. She would do the 12 days of Christmas countdown starting on the 12th and everyday something fun would be waiting inside for my sister and I. My mom gave me the wall decoration a year ago so I could now pass on the tradition to my girls. Aw...sweet!

Have a happy Thanksgiving!

Sarah Darrigan

A tradition that we have done since our kids were young is play the movie "Christmas Vacation" with Chevy Chase as we decorate our Christmas tree. Have a great holiday week-end!


Each year at Christmas time we go to the Kentucky Horse Park and see the lights. You enter the park and drive around (which seems to take at least an hour). Then we come home to decorate the tree, sign Christmas songs and drink egg nog (hot chocolate for the kiddies). After we turn all the lights in the house off and turn on the tree.



Great blog candy. Thanks for sharing. My favorite holiday tradition is we have someone in the family dress up as Santa every year on Christmas eve to hand out Christmas gifts. It is so much fun and I love how excited the little kids get. Hope you had a wonderful Thanksgiving!


Sweet candy here! Pick ME ME ME! I would give it a lovely home and show it a lot of INK!
One of my traditions for Thanksgiving and Christmas is before dinner going around the table and everyone has to say something they are thankful for.
Thanks for a chance.


We have many traditions, from always playing the same CD while we decorate, to ALWAYS leaving cookies for Santa (even tho kids are teenagers now), to always trying new recipes every year. (I despise a staid Christmas menu; that's for Thanksgiving.) But my absolute favorite tradition is watching "It's a wonderful life" by myself and crying my eyes out. Every year I watch it on the couch by myself while I beg the family to come watch it with me, and they make fun of me and leave the room, and I watch and I cry and I watch and I cry.

Cori Smith

Happy Turkey Day! We have a tradition of always putting up the Christmas tree on Thanksgiving...gets us in the holiday spirit. Then it comes down on New Years Eve. The kids really have fun! Great Blog Candy!!

Erika H.

Thank you for the opportunity to win some wonderful blog candy. Happy Thanksgiving. Our tradition is that when we put our tree up we put the holiday music station on the T.V. and we sing to every song (and dance a little too).

Peggy Maier

Oh wow - I DO want this Hanna stamp!!!! Our favorite tradition is putting up the tree while playing Christmas music & getting the Bethlehem village put up. I've been adding pieces for awhile now & it looks so pretty. I also add a homemade manger complete with baby Jesus under the tree. Before we open gifts, on Christmas Eve, someone reads the Christmas story from the Bible to remind us of the real reason we celebrate this night & why we give gifts to each other.


We go out, as a family, on Christmas Eve and drive around to all the various subdivisions around us and look at all the christmas decorations and lights. This is a tradition we started back when the girls were young (3 and 5)and only two in numbers. We have since added one more to the brood and she is 12 now, her sisters are 17 and 19. It's nice to know there are constants in our lives isn't it!? Especially these pleasant ones....
The stamp set is perfect, I think they quoted my youngest daughter for the saying and patterned the stamp set after her!!! LOL
Thanks for the chance. Happy Holidays to you and your family.

Cheryl Kelly-Van Domelen

OMG!!! What fabulous candy!! The stamps are so awesome!! My favorite tradition is going shopping on Black Friday with my mom. We go every year and get all of our Christmas shopping done in 1 day!!

Kim Ross

Delightful blog candy! YUM!!

We do Christmas so differently each year... our biggest tradition is that we always decorate and get things started AFTER Dec. 9th. Can't interfere with my birthday, after all. hehe

Sharon (aka sharondh on SCS)

What terrific blog candy Carole. How thoughtful of you.

One of my favorite family holiday traditions is our Christmas morning breakfast/brunch with our usual menu...sausage and egg casserole, hash browns, sausage or bacon, mixed fruits, iced cinnamon buns in the shape of a Christmas tree with green sugars and candied cherries on it, OJ and fresh coffee or hot chocolate for the children. Yum, yum. This year will be extra special as it will be the last one we spend in what has been our home for the past 31 years....No doubt it'll be rather bittersweet.


Got to have that! I always shop for toys from the money raised by my coworkers. Usually have between $500 and $700 to spend....I love it!

Carolyn King (Cammie)

Hi Carole! Glad the subscription problem got fixed. What great blog candy too---man, I want it just for that ADORABLE atc! You are so talented girlfriend. of my favorite holiday traditions is that my family puts the decorations on the tree all together. We always buy an ornament every year symbolizing what each child is in to "ie...a soccer player...etc" and label it with the child's name and year. This way, when they get married, they have a starter set of ornaments for thier tree.

We also get an ornament from all of our vacations--so putting them on the tree brings back so many fun memories!


Melanie aka Batgirl

I love your colors on your card! WE sleep around the tree :) its our fun Christmas Eve!


My favorite holiday tradition is getting the Christmas CD out and listening to christmas music as we're decorating. It drives my hubby batty, but I love it. It really gets me in the Christmas spirit. Thanks for the chance to win!

Linda Peterson

When we put the tree up, we watch A Christmas Story at the same time. I love that stamp set---shopping is one of my favorite pastimes, to my husband's dismay.


Beautiful card!! One of our holiday traditions is to watch "A Christmas Story" on Christmas Eve.. we all stay up late with munchies, hang out together and laugh at this movie! One of our faves!! :) SO funny!

Diane Lapointe

This is a tradition we started 3 years ago, we pick a name of a child on a xmas tree to buy for.Since we have no children we love doing this,if I can make one more child happy,i'm happy. Thanks for the chance at this wonderful candy!!!Everything in there is beautiful!

Karen Sullivan

I *love* A Muppets Christmas Carol too!! I should buy that DVD...
anyway, we have lots of fun traditions at Christmas - we always buy the kids adorable holiday PJs and that is the gift we allow them to open on Christmas Eve - so when we wake up in the morning and take photos, they're so adorable in matching PJs! Soon that will get old as my son is 8 and just starting to understand what is NOT cool (aka - dressing like his 5 year old sis).
Another silly tradition is that we watch A Christmas Story with our kids - they get the biggest kick out of it (as do I).
Lastly - we find an angel tree and let our kids pick a child's requests that are similar to theirs (my son picks a boy his age and my daughter picks a girl her age). They shop and help purchase the items, wrap them and leave a cute note - they get really excited to do this every year.
Thanks for the chance to win blog candy!!

Ida Faye Cutler

When our children were small, we started a tradition of riding around at night to look at Christmas decorations. Now that they are grown and have children of their own, we have continued the tradition by taking our grandchildren! Thanks for the chance to win such nice goodies.

christina fischer

Happy Thanksgiving, Carole! First of all, your card is so cute! Love the layout and the fun colors! Secondly, I too westle with "Do I really want to get that Village out again?" every year, but it's just so beautiful when it's up and lit! :) A couple of traditions our family has: we always find a night when we all pile in the car, listen to Christmas music, and drive through a local light display. Then we go to the same restaurant for a late dinner. We also set aside a day to decorate the tree together, and the kids take turns each year putting the angel on top. With two teenagers and two preschoolers in the house, these times are precious! Thanks for the chance to win such fantastic goodies!! :)


Adorable card! I luvv this stamp set, its awesome! Thanks for such sweet blog candy. Cheers!

One thing I have to do... even as an adult, I have to watch the original " How the Grinch Stole Christmas".


I just found out your blog and I love it!! Really great stuff!!!
My favorite Christmas traditions are #1 let my little daughter put the small ornaments in our Christmas tree, she loves that!!!!
#2 bake sugar cookies and put a lot of frosting and Christmas sparkles and last but no least #3 Listen Christmas carols and sing together.

I hope you all had a great Thanksgiving and have a wonderful Christmas!!!
God bless you


Patsy Turner

Every Christmas I buy a new ornament for that year for everyone. I plan to give the kids theirs from each year when they leave home for good. I have not had traditional balls on the tree for years. Now that my kids are older they love putting their ornaments on the tree from years past and they usually remember something from that Christmas we can reflect on. (my brain quit remembering a LONG time ago) It is really neat what they think of. Great candy and I love your blog.


OHMYGOSH Carole!! That is SO funny because our favourite holiday movie is The Muppet Christmas Carol too!!! We watch it every year!!! In fact I gave a copy to a friend at work because she and her family had never seen it before and I said, you HAVE to watch it, it's SO funny!!! We are big movie fanatics at our house, so during the month before Christmas, we're always watching a holiday movie, like Frosty, Rudolph, The Year Without a Santa Claus, and newer ones like The Family Stone, The Grinch (Jim Carey version) and our newest fave, Elf. Thanks for the chance to win some AWESOME blog candy!! You rock!!

Deb Wood

The only traditions that come to mind at this time are:
Before my son came along my husband always waited until Christmas Eve to do his shopping (this part continues) and then he would rush home wrap them, then want me to open them within 5 minutes.
Now I get to stay up late wrapping the presents while he's snoring somewhere.
I think I am cranky because I had to work today, so I can't really think of anything else, but I am inspired by all the wonderful things that everyone else posted and am going to have to think of something great to start this year.
Thanks for sharing your wonderful creations and for brightening my day!

Elizabeth Harris

We always drive around different neighborhoods and look at all the Christmas lights. There are a few that can't be missed! We also make lots of cookies together. Thanks for the chance to win!


My family tradition is we would get a tree and decorate it after Thanksgiving. We will have music playing and sipping hot chocolate.


My family tradition is we would get a tree and decorate it after Thanksgiving. We will have music playing and sipping hot chocolate.

Joan B

What a lovely blog gift set! We have a few "food" traditions -- fried cauliflower is one and Polish crepes (sounds like nagashleenky) for Christmas eve is another. We always open one gift on Christmas eve. Thanks for doing this post, it is fun reading everyone's traditions.

Jenni K

Our family tradition isn't much. I have 3 small boys, so a tree doesn't last very long in my house, and if presents are under it, the boys expect to open our 'tradition' is to wait until after our middle sons birthday (on the 19th of December), THEN get a tree, and keep it up until the first of the year. Santa leaves presents after they go to bed on Christmas eve. Not much huh???


We can not open any gifts until the WHOLE family is in one room and the gifts are ready to be passed out by my uncle (in his Santa hat!). It's a big sight to behold...let me tell ya! One other tradition we have is to bake Baby Jesus a birthday cake on Christmas day. It's always a 'cousin' thing, and we love to do it! Thanks for the chance to win! :)

Linzi (


Oh my! I've thorougly enjoyed reading through all these wonderful holiday traditions! What a great way to give away blog candy! Our family has several too, but I'll share just one...we always make Christmas cut-out cookies, then frost and decorate them with sprinkles. They look festive on plates of goodies we give to friends...and they're delicious too!
Wishing you all the joys of the holiday season! Smiles, Pam :)


Oh your card with Gina's sledders is adorable!!! My favorite tradition is planning to see family and freinds. Making time to do things to help others that we normally 'get too busy for'. And I love decorating at Christmas time!! Wooohooo! Great candy you have up also!! Thanks for the chance!!


Oh your card with Gina's sledders is adorable!!! My favorite tradition is planning to see family and freinds. Making time to do things to help others that we normally 'get too busy for'. And I love decorating at Christmas time!! Wooohooo! Great candy you have up also!! Thanks for the chance!!


Hope you are enjoying the long weekend! One new tradition is celebrating Chanukah, with my boyfriend and his family. We get together and exchange presents and also light the candle and eat latkes which I love!

Sandy H

When I was a child, my friends and I would go out caroling and then meet my Mom at the church for cookies and hot chocolate. Since I have no family now, I remember fondly this time from my childhood. Happy Holidays to one and all.

Angel W.

We have to have the tree decorated using Christmas music as well and we always put it up Thanksgiving weekend! Speaking of..... I better get busy!!!


Hi Carole! Great blog candy up for grabs! One family tradition we always did as kids, and I do with my son and hopefully will carry over to my grandson, is everyone is allowed to open one small present on Christmas Eve. Even now my son, who is 20 1/2 yrs, starts asking first thing on Christmas Eve when he can open his present!!


We have a few family traditions. One is we all pile in the car and drive around town and see all the Christmas lights and decorations while sipping hot chocolate and the other is every year I give my kids a Waterford Heirloom ornament and in the box I but a hand written letter about all things that have happen to them or our family that year and how much I love them. That way when there grown and gone they will have a great start on there Christmas ornaments and letters to remember past years. Thanks for the chance to win!!!!!!

Sue B

I must come from a family of couch potatoes, but for me a fav family tradition is the annual viewing of Miracle on 34th Street after Thanksgiving dinner!
later, alligator!
- SueB of

Louise Charlton

Great blog candy! Thanks for sharing!
Our Christmas tradition is that the kids (now 25 and 29) open their stockings together, then when they are all done - and they stretch it (one gift at the time by turn) - then they wake up Mom and Dad to go downstairs and open gifts. We open our gifts one person at a time... It usually last way past noon! We usually stop halfway for a break of muffins or cinnamon buns and cafe au lait. Oh yes, and I forgot, on Christmas Eve, when we come back from Midnight mass, everyone is allowed to open one gift - for the last few years it has been PJs. I will have to try to be original this year. And then we sit around together with a box of Pot of Gold Chocolates. I tried buying fancy truffles last year and I was vetoed.... it has to be Pot of Gold!


Our favorite Christmas tradition actually started when I was a little girl. On Christmas morning Santa always left one present for each child not wrapped to play with while we waiting for our Blueberry muffins to cook. We always looked forward to blueberry muffins and milk before presents and we do the same thing now with our 3 children.

Melissa Roth

My favorite tradition is going to see The Nutcracker. I've been going to it every year & even had the chance to perform in it once. Now I enjoy taking my own daughter to it each year.

Meredith C

Our family's favorite tradition is that on Christmas Eve all the kids get to open one present before going to bed, the catch is that I hid them throughout the house and they have to find them to open them. The gift is always new pj's so that they have on new Christmas pj's on Christmas morning while I'm snapping pictures.


One of our holiday traditions started out of "need". We weren't going to be home with our four children (ages 3-8) one Christmas and told them that we couldn't bring their stockings with them. This was mainly b/c I didn't want to haul all the Santa odds-and-ends 300 miles away to my in-laws and back. So I asked the kids if they would like to draw names and fill one another's stockings with the $15 I would provide each of them. They said yes, we did, and now it's something they look forward to every year!!! They start bugging us to draw names after Thanksgiving and then they post who they "got" (we did it this morning!) and now they'll be bugging me to go shopping soon. It's a great tradition that I'm glad stuck. It gives them each a chance to focus on one another and gets me off the hook buying and wrapping lots of "little" gifts! We'll be hitting the dollar store in the upcoming weeks. . .

CJ Max

Our family tradition is to decorate the Christmas tree together.....I have a lot of Hallmark ornaments and each child loves to put the ornament that belongs to them on the tree. We also listen to a lot of Christmas music and we do a lot of baking.
This year we are going to the "Giving Tree" and purchase a gift for a child in need. It's something we haven't done in a long time and I'm feeling guilty about that.
Thank you!!

Sherri Alspach

We have had so many traditions over the years that have changed a bit as the kids get older. A couple of our most favorite would have to be a special ornament for each of the kids and the kids buying each other something small from secret santa or the dollar store. Thanks for the idea of sharing holiday traditions-- It was great reading what everyone does.

Cheryl Hinton

What a great blog candy offer. I just found you through Deb O & LOVE your cards.

We started a new "tradition" last year that is to go get Ice Cream after picking out our Christmas tree. Since we live in Florida it's not that weird of an idea.


my favorite holiday tradition is going to christmas eve worship. it's a great time to celebrate the birth of jesus with friends and family.

thanks for the chance to win! :)

Jennifer Taylor (JenMarie)

Hmmm, no traditions really. I'd love to start some though! I'll have to check out the muppets Christmas! I know my husband would love it ;)

Kerry J.

We always watch Holiday Inn as we decorate - along with egg nog and lots of goodies. It makes it such a nice experience! What amazing blog candy - thanks so much!


I just found your blog-nice stuff! One of our traditions is to go to the Trans-Siberian Orchestra concert. It was early this year, but it always puts us in the Christmas mood. Thanks for the chance to win!


I want to play - favorite tradition would be opening a gift on Christmas Eve - even though it is always pjs it really gets the exitement going!


Mary Ellen

On Christmas morning after we opened presents we have made the same brunch for 30 years and we have never tired of it. I love your blog and have enjoyed reading thru it.

Cris Anderson

Love the blog candy!! I have to get some of those stamps!!
Since all of our family is far away we are always by ourselves for Christmas, we've tried to keep some tradtions like midnight mass, but have had to make some of our own also. Growing up we were NEVER aloud to open any presents early, we changed that with our 3 boys..they get one present on Christmas eve and it's ALWAYS new pjs, so they look cute for pictures on Christmas morning!

Lisa Cox

Hi I just found your blog. Its great!! I am having a block of sorts. Everything I make doesn't look right. So I got on my laptop to find some inspiration. I found a link to your blog on Jen's Blog (i{heart}2stamp). So anyways I thought I would leave a comment on my Favorite Holiday Tradition. Ever since my Little Girl(Lizzy) was born in 2004. We have made it our Christmas tradition to go to the Dixie Stampede in Myrtle Beach. We get to take a Family picture, enjoy a wonderful show and eat some great food. Its so much fun for the whole Family.

Happy Holidays!!!

Lisa Cox

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