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November 29, 2007


Lisa Cox

Wow! Sounds like you have had a one of those weeks. That was some great surprises you got in the mail. Mail always makes me fill a little better.
I can't wait to see some cards from your new stamps:) That reindeer one is SO cute:) Have a good night!
Lisa Cox

Diane Lapointe

Happy mail is always great when you're having a bad day!! Happy your day turned out good!!!
Looking forward to see what you come up with!!

Jennifer Taylor / JenMarie

So glad your day got better!
Have a safe trip, God bless!

Carolyn King (Cammie)

Carole--what fun mail! So glad you got all those surprises just in time for your trip and right in the middle of a stress filled week.

Big hugs to you. I hope your mom feels better and hope you and Carter have a good trip (yeilding lots of good results!) Fill us in when you return!

ya stinker!

Becky G

Sorry to hear that you are having such a rough couple of days.
I hope that things settle down for you and that you and your son have a safe and productive trip.
That sure is some nice "happy mail". That would make anyone smile! :)


I am Leona, the Elf coordinator and I am so happy that you found joy in your surprise, my duty as an Elf coordinator is to not reveal whom your goodies came from, but I am sure that this person knows you were as thrilled as I do!


I love these! And WHY did you not tell me you were bloggin again?!?! Adding you to my links list so I can find you now!


OMG!!! We have the same mother;)!!! Mine lives in Shawnee tho' and I'm in Central Texas so it's not too bad. I don't have to see her all the time. Glad your day got better- keep your chin up!

Sharon (aka sharondh on SCS)

What a wonderful way to end the day! That sure was a some super nice Happy Mail! Will check your new blog to read how things are going. Hope you and Carter have a safe and beneficial trip. Thanks for sharing your experiences with us. Take Care!

Kelly aka Littlekel90

Oh my goodness, you had me in stitches! That sounded like a day like I normally have minus the mother but add a teenage boy instead. I feel bad for you, but what a wonderful gift to come home to! I love that little reindeer, and the card by *cough* Carolyn is too, too cute! I think that Leona girl was busy--LOL--I have a box here from her too, but she went all the way to O'Fallon, Illinois to get her postage meter. She must travel ALOT! lmbo

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