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December 22, 2007



Much cleaner and very nice!


Love the new header, Carole! It's fabulous! Merry Christmas, girlie!


Such a sweet post to read on Christmas Eve - heh heh! You crack me up. For some reason I had it in my head that "mother's little helper" was a cute reference to your adorable, helpful little boys. ;-) I do understand though - escaping to the stamp room keeps a mom sane sometimes! Also love your new blog banner, very cute!!


What a GREAT redesign! I wish Santa would bring me a big bag of creativity that would come close to matching yours. Merry Christmas, dear friend. Kiss the boys!


This is so bizarre! When I made my comment the other day about how nice your blog looks, it's looks nothing like it does today. The new banner was not visible, nor the the color palette. Wow! It looks great! Not sure what I saw the other day, but today's version is terrific.

Allie Yaeger

Well, if no one noticed (other than the compliment of how beautiful you are) then your facelift is a success, haha. Your doctor must be one heck of a surgeon. Congratulations!

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If they compliment you without asking if you had a facelift, it is a good sign. you had a successful facelift. you should be proud of.


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