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December 30, 2007


Carolyn King

Your stamp space looks great...that is on my list of things to do too----and has been for quite some time (sigh!)

LOVE your card for the fs! How verycool to add that chipboard button!

You rock girlfriend!


Super cute card! And good luck with the cleaning - I know all too well what a nightmare it can be to clean up a messy stamp room! But you'll be so happy once it's clean!

Shannan Teubner

What a cute card! I totally agree about the Christmas tree...put it up!! Except I hate doing that part. Better now that we have a pre-lit tree tho.
I "cleaned" my room my desk is clean and there's a bunch of junk on the floor. Whew, that was tough.


Oh Carole! Misery loves company and it's so good to see I'm not alone in facing an overwhelmingly messy stamp room! Yikes! We also have tradtionally taken our tree down right after Christmas, but we were so late in getting this year that I'm waiting...or maybe I'm just lazy. LOL!

Elaine Phillips

If it makes you feel any better, my stamping spaces are much worse...notice I said spaces plural...that means more than one area to clean up! UGH!! I would like to think it will happen, but not holding my breath!

Mayberry Magpie

Your latest creation is gorgeous -- just like all the rest. I'm so impressed, now that I have actually tried my hand at stamping.

Know a stamper lacking confidence? Send them on over to My work will make her feel brilliant!


I'm jealous you have a true space to dirty up! My new addiction resides in two scrapbooking rolling storage units. Yesterday they were in the dining room, today they are in the living room...eventually I'll have a stamping home to call my own. BTW, you created a monster - I'm now on SCS and I blamed you for my addiction! :) Have a good one! And, your card is darling!


Gorgeous card! LOVE the colors you chose!


Hi there, friend!

Just checking in and had to let you know how much I enjoy *reading* your posts as well as *looking* at all your wonderful schtuff...yer dah best!


What a fun card!

Too bad I dont live closer or I'd offer my cleaning and organizing services. I come from a long line of OCD women, cleaning and organizing give me a "high".

Good luck!

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