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December 28, 2007



What a cute card! Did you order your Elzybell stamp right from their website? Do they convert the prices to dollars for you? I just followed your link to their site and their Sping 2007 catalog is really cute! I'd love to order some stamps but am afraid that the conversion will mean big, big dollars! I have your blog in my favorites and check to see if you have anything new everyday! Just wanted you to know that you are being read out here in cyberland!

Shannan Teubner

This is adorable! I love the larger UK images.
Shannan who is still in jammies, bed head, and going to stamp. hmph.

Diane Lapointe

This is a darling card!!!


Soooo cute! You evil enabler, you - I am off to look at the UK site now! (funny post, too, btw!) :-)


For all of us stamping newbies, can you share how long it takes you to whip out a card like this? I am going to be attending a personalized stamping workshop on Saturday and can't wait to get my fingers wrapped around some markers and ribbon.

Mayberry Magpie

I love that you let everything go to lose yourself for a moment (or two!) to create and blog.

It's 1:49 am and I've been lost for several moments (okay, hours). Right now I'm obsessed with blogging. Looking forward to possibly, maybe, perhaps becoming obsessed with stamping.

Karen (Basketmom)

I love this - the coloring is awesome too - those little desserts look so yummo!


Too precious - as usual! Thanks for sharing!


This is AWESOME! I would have never guessed it was a limited supply challenge card!

And that elzybelle is on my wishlist, I LOVE the large UK sizes!

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