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December 07, 2007


Shannan Teubner

Too cute, Carole!! I love it!

Carolyn King

I cannot believe you are stamping away from home--you ARE awesome! Love these peas and that digital paper!!!


Stamping in a hotel are dedicated! I would probably give advice similar to how you have done it; SU! supplies are great, demo is better for discount (not for everyone though since you have to spend a certain ammount) and the challenges on SCS are great for teaching. I went to Stamp Camps and my local card shop at first, but I honestly feel I've learned so much more by the SCS challenges and kind of doing it on my own instead of someone choosing what I will make. Does that make any sense?

Be warned, if you ask for advice I will probably give it....and a lot. I think your non-stamping friends have a GREAT friend to look up to, your work is awesome!


love, love, love the peas on earth! thanks so much for including me in your blogroll...what an honor!


Great card. What little exposure I've had leads me to conclude I'm a real primary colors girl. Creations in bright, primary colors always grab me, and this one is perfect given my penchant for red.

Thanks for the inquiry on my behalf. I checked out SU's website today.


Where did you get peas on earth, they are adorable!

As for learning to stamp -- after 15+ years of stamping, I still take classes :) And I teach them too! I just love the classroom environment. And I subscribe to every stamping/scrapping magazine. I scour blogs. I've written for a magazine (Rubberstampmadness) and that is a GREAT way to learn actually! And of course, just doing it by trial and error!

SCS techniques tutorials, and challenges, are amazing.

Do you teach classes as a demo? I love your artwork -- wish I were local to you and could take a class from you!!!!! >

I started out buying ALL brands of stamps, now I purposefully limit to SU! only so I can focus and coordinate and not over-spend. I have thousands of stamps from over the years :)

Blessings, Lela


In regard to your query about helping beginning stampers, I'm not quite sure what you're asking. If you want resources to explain how to do basics for them - here's a link:

If you're asking what such a person should buy as a kind of minimalist “kit,“ this link may be of some use:

If you want to ”hook“ them, it seems to me maybe you could have them, or one by one, over to use your stuff and see what you're doing with it. It's always a good idea to show someone who might be interested in stamping how to heat emboss. That one technique seems to fascinate everyone! You could then give them links to Splitcoast of various galleries you like, and explain the different kinds of stamping, scenic, cute, SU!, grunge, etc. so they could look for themselves to see what would attract their interest.


I would suggest they get a set of stamps that can be used in lots of different ways and for lots of different themes. And then just - MAKE CARDS - classes are a great way to learn - or like you - do the challenges on SCS - or join a club. We have a local stamp club and I'm always learning stuff there!

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