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January 02, 2008


mj albright

Good for you! I only read if I'm having trouble falling
Love the card.
Happy New Year


Pillars of the Earth is one of my (and Ron's, as a matter of fact) favorite books of all time. The ending is spectacular and I can't wait to get your take on it. One of Ron's Christmas gifts this year is the quasi-sequal to PotE called World Without End. He's halfway through that and I'm itching to get my hands on it. (The stamp is perfect for you.)


ps - In my purse right at this moment is The House of the Spirits (paperback, of course) by Isabel Allende. One of those books I've started several times but never finished. What books (besides PotE) are in your bag?


Oooh, I'm the same way about books! One in my desk, one in the car, one by the bed, one by the couch. . . I have to have books! I have just passed Pillars of the Earth and World Without End on to my dad to read. They were fabulous! I was glad they were nice and thick, especially since I love to read a book all night long just to get to the end. With Ken Follett's books, I was content reading a few chapters an evening. . . knowing I would come back to read more!

Bookwormabella is perfection! I love the way you've showcased her here!

christina fischer

Love this Bella -- I think her glasses are my favorite! This card is terrific -- great colors! I'm desperately trying to read Where the Heart Is right now -- I've started it several times and haven't been able to finish it! It always takes a back seat to the girls' Dr. Seuss and I Spy books! :)


Ok, back off woman, Thomas Jefferson is mine! ;-) If you're weird, I'm right there with ya! Did you know he brought pasta & ice cream to this country on one of his travels? Gotta love that! LOL! So right now I'm reading The Feast of Love by Charles Baxter for my book club. We always have trouble figuring out what to read, so feel free to drop book suggestions in your posts every now & then! :-) And if you're curious, I always put our current selection on my sidebar. I saw another commenter is working on House of the Spirits - we read that many years ago - one of my faves!!!! Super cute card too! Another book-related stamp I *love* is Julia by Rubber Romance - I must buy her one of these days!!


I must also express my love for Thomas Jefferson, or TJ as he's referred to in our family. I went to the Library of Congress a couple years ago and they had shirts/hats/shotglasses with his quote, "I cannot live without books." I just loved it! I read all day at work so I have a harder time picking up books when not at work, but I collect them all the same saying some day I'll get around to reading them!

Shannan Teubner

What a cute card!! I haven't started yet, but we have the sequel to Pillars...can't wait to read it!!


This is such a cute card, it works great with the sketch!

I seem to have about 4 or 5 books that I read at the same time and right now they are:

'Adored' by Tilly Bagshaw (mindless book to read while on the eliptical)
'The Nutshell studies of unexplained death' by Corinne May Botz
'Diary' by Chuck Palahniuk

Kelly L

Oh my gosh!!! I love this card, but more importantly. . . I just saw you on WW2BM!!!! That was so cool. I was sitting there saying, "Ohhh, stop at 50K if you're not sure." That was so cool, and 50K would buy a LOT of stamps ;) Congrats to you!!

Mayberry Magpie

I'm reading The Corporation: The Pathological Pursuit of Profit and Power by Joel Bakan. I know. I'm a boring "non-fiction" gal.

Just want to say, now that I'm a more discerning stamper (although I use that term loosely), that of your many stamping talents, I really admire your choice of color when coloring in images. When I tried my hand at it, I found that really challenging for some reason. Great card!

Carolyn King

This card is soo you! Saw it on SCS...and i love it.

Currently i am reading "Curious George Goes to the Beach" but when I am finished with that I hope to read "The Giving Tree"

That is about all I get in right now as far as reading time as my nighttime reading has become nightime stamping....oh well. I do love reading..problem is when i get into a book---I cannot put it down.

When my kids are a bit older and i have more free time i will get back to the more adult type of reading! lol!

Diane Lapointe

Oh my what a sweet card!!! It would be perfect for my sister...she's always reading something!!!


Wow! I just found your blog from SCS....I checked it out because of your use of the bookworm bella stamp! I think we are kindred spirits! I have only read your first post, but I will be sure to be back! If you would like to check it out, I have a list of my best reads of the year on my blog, it is the second most recent entry! I have to run out the door to work, but rest assured I will be back to visit you!!

Karen Sullivan

just beautiful card - love the colors and layout
I'm always reading 1-2 books at a time too. Now I'm reading "Love in the Time of Cholera" (old Oprah pick) and "Mansfield Park" (PBS is having an Austen festival in a month or so and I want to reread her classics).

Have you read "Assassination Vacation" by Sarah Vowell? Really funny and I highly recommend it - it's not new or anything so maybe you've read it before.


CONGRATS on the book! Great bella card!

christie Ortman

Great card Carole!!! Love your color theme, the layout - everything!

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