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January 10, 2008


Kelsey Forester

I pm'd you on SCS to ask about this calendar set. So glad to see it on your blog!
My resolution would be to submit my cards for publication. I never have before, but I will this year. I love stamping and creating, so why not share it with the world? :)
Have a great day!

Regina Davis

Jel del Muro just turned me on to your blog by posting your blog link on her blog. Man, I feel like I've been missing out, but have promptly added your blog to my list of favorites. Phew!

My stamping 2008 resolution is to stop hoarding and start using all of my designer paper and embellishments. So far, so good!

Happy New Year - Regina


Carole ~ This calendar is too much...I hope you don't mind if I CASE it one day...I have subscribed to your site because I like your work so much :)


This is fantastic! I've had inklings of making something similar...but that's all that has come to fruition...just inklings! Goals? Clean up after myself! Post more often!

Carolyn King

Hey girl....amazing calendar....cannot wait to get mine...snicker!!!

My resolution is to see the top of my craft table someday! Probably not gonna happen but hey, i can dream!



Thanks so much for sharing so much of YOU with us!! I love the calendar :) My goal for this year will be to complete what I start. I have good intentions, begin, and, well. . .I don't always follow through. Sometimes my time frame was unrealistic, sometimes I get tired of the project. . .just be more realistic and finish what I start. Thanks for a chance to win!


Your calendar is great, nice job and TFS!!

Ok, my resolution is not yet fully formed, but I AM already acting on it. I printed out all the color challenges on SCS, and all the sketch challenges. I have a tracking system for both of those (I want to do all of them) -- and I am also tracking the other challenges I do as well.

It is not a formal goal yet -- but it is inspiring me and I am referring to them and checking them off! I try to not be TOOOOooo rigid in my hobby, because I have to be SOoooooo project/task oriented in my day job AND my volunteer work. Hope this qualifies :)

I guess I can also commit to obesessively reading SCS, your blog, Markie's Mom, Jan Tink and a few others -- I am not worried about meeting that goal at all ;)

Have a great day, and thanks for being a great inspiration!

Lela aka Serenity

Donna Baker

I don't think you're a suck-up OR a teacher's pet, sounds like you're generous & thoughtful. I'd LOVE to win one of these. what a fantastic idea to use the new MFT set for it!

Joanne B.

OMG, this is amazing, and your post kills me. You're so funny!

Can't wait for party time tomorrow!

Joanne (AKA Prettie Triplet BWAH!)


Your calendar came out soooooooo amazing!!! I bought the A Muse calendar but still haven't gotten around to making one "yet". At this point I doubt I will. LOL

Viv (VivLyn)

My goal is that of many of the other's that posted...stop hoarding and start using, clean up my stamping area so I can see what I'm doing and organize, organize, organize!! Your calendar is great and you are a real hoot! Love your sense of humor!

Lisa K

Organize, organize, organize! Find creative ways to use up ALL I have...that could take years but it is a start! :) Cute calendar! Lisa K

Lisa Fraise

I just love these calendars! I would like to say that my goal is to get a blog going where I can share my artwork, but I know I won't get that done, so I will say my craft resolution is to make and send more cards. So I need this birthday calendar!!!

Erika H.

WOW! What a great desk calendar...LOVE it! My resolution is to scrap more and let go of perfection when it comes to card making and scrapping. Thanks for the opportunity to win such a wonderful blog bon-bon!


I saw your calendar at the MFT party last night. I fell in love and had to order the set. So my goal for this year is to start a blog and make some cards for the challenges and gain enough confidence in my work to enter next years DT contest at my LSS. How is that for a goal ha? Thanks for the great inspiration. -Molly B

Patty W

My GOAL for 2008 , crafty wise anyway, is to learn how to stamp as creatively as the rest of you!

Part 2 would be to build up a good stash of supplies! I am so drooling over all the things I see! gals are good!

Thanks for the chance!


Nice calendar! I love your work!

I have already started on this year's goal/resolution by organizing my stamping space. I have organized most of my supplies and I have also have a great stack of supplies to donate to the Women's shelter.

Happy New Year!


Oh, this is just a rockin' project! Love it! When I grow up I wanna be just like you. :-)

My 2008 stamp resolution is to stamp and post to my blog at least 5 times per week (hopefully getting up to daily but let's start small, shall we?)! So far (here on January 10th, LOL), I'm doing pretty well.

mary puskar

What a wonderful blog bon bon! It's all a lie, you know, about stay at home moms. Everyone else is just jealous! One of my resolutions was to get better at coloring, both with pencils and the gamsol and with watercolors. It's just so much fun!
Mary Puskar

Cathy M

Count me in on this sweet homemade Bon-Bons! I love the calendar and what a great stamp set to use. One of my goals this year is to try some challenges out in blogland. Thanks for a chance.


One resolution is to send out at least one RAK each week.


ohhhhh what Lovely Candy !!! These calendars are great !!! One of my resolutions is to make at least a few cards a week

Nancy Panko

Hi Carole, You are so creative! I love you blog. That little calendar is adorable! Ok I have a lot of goals for this year but my stampin goal is to find more stamping time so I can "come out of the closet" and join the rest of you talented ladies by setting a blog to share. My time is limited, I am a SAHM to two wonderful kids, military wife to the best men in earth and besides stamping I am a runner sooo if I could only add more hours to the day . Have a great week.


Love it, you sure know how to sell a stamp set! I was just trying to make a calendar demo. for a class (I think I found it!!!)


You're not a suck-up, Carole!!! Who would EVER say such a horrible thing??? I'm shocked. I think you are an amazingly talented, beautiful, kind and generous person. And you must have the body of a goddess with all the pole-ish excercise you do!! I would be EVER so honoured to be the lucky winner of one of your gorgeous creations!!

Love Kimmie - Fellow Brown-Nosing DT Member

Hugs and Kisses


I LOVE THIS CALENDAR! IT IS SOOO CUTE! My news year scrap/stamp related new years resolution is to get my photos organized. Prior to my going digital I was GREAT at taking pictures, not so good at getting them organized....down right terrible! Most of them are still in the developing envelopes that I picked them up from the store in.... I know, I am a bad person....shoot I only have about 10-12 years worth....LOL
Thanks for the chance! :-)

Nicole L.

What a cute calendar!!! I absolutely love them! I am new to the whole stamping/cardmaking thing so this year my goal is to get real crafty and make cards for all my family and friends! Thanks for the chance!


This calendar is incredible! I was oohing and ahhing with everyone else when you posted during the party!! One of my goals this year is to do more crafty/non-card type projects. I would love to give handmade gifts to my friends and family. So I love seeing things like this calendar you made! I may just try this out for myself!!

Shannan Teubner

Ok, I love these!!! Gotta have one!
My resolution is to send more cards instead of just hoarding them!


HAH!! I was so busy sucking up I forgot to share my stamping resolution. Well, it WAS to spend less on stamping supplies, but let's face it, that ship has already sailed! To be truthful, I would LOVE to be published, like my idols, Lauren Meader and LIndsey Botkin. So maybe I should try submitting something.....that's where I'll start anyway!! Heehee!

Amanda Pedro

what a generous giving of your time for this candy (the hand cut scallops-ouch)

My resolution is to make 2 of everything and to really get a good usable stash for myself instead of just giving it all away for others to give.


Hi. My resolution is to use precious paper, thin out some stamps, and work on my coloring to improve shading and such. Love this calendar. It is really cute and quite functional!

Lori Mueller

Hello....I was part of the MFT party last night and saw your announcement for some candy. My stamping resolution this year is to stop (massively slow down) on my embellishment and paper buying and use up what I've got on all those big ideas and multiple projects that I've drool over when I saw someone elses. So far, it's not working....too many enablers out there. Thanks for the chance to win some blog bling!

Jen Guarino

WOW!! Now that is an awesome idea! Thanks so much for sharing it.

My stamping resolution for this year is to complete 100 scrapbook pages. I used to scrapbook all of the time, until a friend introduced me to making cards. Now, 4+ years later my books gather dust and the photos pile up. If I just do 8-9 pages per month I will meet me goal! And the best part is, I can still stamp while doing it!


My goal this year is to make more cards , do more challenges and to use more of the tons of embellishments I have .


Hey girlfriend! I am FEEEeeeelin' LCUKY today!! I KNOW you are goin to pick me!! You know you're goin to pick me, so get it over with! ;-)
Goals this year....declutter, organize and USE IT UP!!!! and then of course, buy more and continue to create!! ;-)


By the way, that calendar deal is a FABBY project!! LOVE what you showed us!!


My stamping resolution is to stop hoarding the cards I make and actually mail them out to people :-) A way to brighten someone's day!!

Claudia F.

Great blog ! I plan on doing more scrapbooking of our family photos and making even more cards for the project.

Karen Sullivan

REALLY stellar calendar set! :) Love the little mini squares at the top - very creative and fun coloring.
One of my creative goals for 2008 is to start scrapbooking more. I pretty much abandoned it for card-making 4 years ago. My poor daughter wants her baby scrapbook done.


No resolutions. No goals. A few more stamping tutorials from a dear friend and possibly renting space by the hour in her amazing craft room. Convincing same dear friend that this is the year she and I will run a marathon together. (She can do anything she puts her mind to.) Embracing the beauty of each day and not dwelling on the unpleasant. And world peace.


My stamping goal is to get to the bottom of my table so I can actually use all of the stuff that I've spent my children's college savings on.........:) Thanks for the chance!

Denise Morgans

Wow your calender is fab, it looks so professional. I'm a relatively new stamper (not very confident) so I'd like to learn to colour in better and make my images look nicer and not like a child has coloured them in :-) Hope I'm lucky enough to win the candy! Thanks for the chance, Denise x


Perfect timing! I bought a Scrap O'Dex to make a calendar. If I win, I can make something else out of the SOD! :)

My stamping resolution is to actually complete the 2008 SCS Christmas Card Challenge!


Love those calendars!
My crafting resolutions for this year are to make and send birthday cards to everybody who's birthday I know, and to keep myself more organized!

Lauren (mytime)

YOU ROCK! These came out great. What a nice gift these are Carole :D

Darlene L

Wow--your calendars look great! My resolution is to be more creative this year and let my muse lead me. I want to come up with some of my own ideas rather than case all the time. Darlene L.


GREAT desk calendar. I hope I win! My new year's craft resloution is to make some great stuff and learn some new techniques along the way!

Linda SS

You did such a great job on your calendar - VERY cute! My goal is to "start using & quit buying". I've got to stay away from scrapbook stores because there is so much that I want to have & not enough time in the day to use it all:)

Leeanna Fatovic

Adorable calendar set! In 2008 I want to stamp on a more regular basis! One card, two or three - at least 3 a week! Cute stuff on your blog!


Love your calendar!! You're right - Mama needs stamping time to calm her down, so that's my resolution - make dedicated stamping time! Thanks :)


EEK am I too late!?!? I love this calendar, it's sooooooooooooo cute. My goal this year is just to actually SEND the cards I make, and not hoard. I'm trying hard to have someone in mind when I sit down to stamp. So far, so good!!!

Amber H. (bambi64 on SCS)

pick me! pick me!! lol I'm probably too late for the drawing but I love what you did.


That calendar is adorable! I hope you are having a great 2008! My goal for 08 is to spend more time stamping for me/fun. To participate in more challenges and to submit some of my work.

This is such a great gift idea.

Sharon (stampscout)

Love the calendar, Carole! My resolutions this year are to learn how to use my new camera so I can start uploading again and to get the cards out on time!

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