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January 05, 2008



Fabulous!! I suddenly see this sketch in my future!

Many Blessings,

jen del muro

YAY Diva!! Our dogs need puppy boot camp in a major way!! Love this card!!


What a sweet card!

Maybe Diva will be mowing the lawn and raking leaves for you!

Mayberry Magpie

I've heard of pray drive, but not work drive. I can't wait to here more about Miss Diva.

Christina Fischer

Adorable card! I hope Diva's homecoming is a great one!

Rhonda K.

SO CUTE! I love it, the doggie is just precious.


Oooohhhh! I'll bet Carter is so excited! I wish I lived a little closer to you so I could come over and take Diva out for a good, long run. Lord knows I need something to get my ever-widening backend into shape. Take homecoming photos and post!


This card is sooooo cute! Love the crown brad! I hope all goes well with Diva's homecoming. I don't think my dog has any work drive! Lazy bones.


Thanks for the inspiration - I tried Jen's sketch. It's very "beginner-esque" for lack of a better word!

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