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January 16, 2008


Kelly aka Littlekel90

LOL--that is too funny. I understand not wanting your worlds to collide. Most of my IRL friends do not stamp either (just a handful of us get together for a workshop now and then), but now I will have to come back and see if any of your gf's leave a comment telling you they were here! :) Too funny. Beautiful card by the way. Love your colors.

Becky G

This cracks me up! I would be curious to find out how this turns out! I ,too like to keep my worlds seperate. Do you think it's a stamper thing?
On to the card. It's terrific! Love everything especially the sentiment!


Ok, I'm experiencing that background music from the Twilight Zone! First, our paths have crossed again for the upteenth time. Second, I stamped a Bella today too! Spooky.....

It's darling girl! Can't wait to hear how the party talk goes! Enjoy!


Is it upteenth or umteenth? Or is that a totally made up word? Help me here author! LOL


Carole, YOU CRACK ME UP! First it was the test to see if your girlfriends read your blog, then it was the "I like people to stay in the box I've assigned them to". You are hilarious! I'd LOVE to have margaritas with you sometime. I'd have to get some waterproof mascara first.

Mayberry Magpie

You are so busted! Of all people, you know worlds DO collide. And for the record, I refuse to stay in any box you put me in. I'm definitely an out-of-the-box gal (to use a bad cliche)!

By the way, I haven't given up on stamping/card making, despite my sad, early efforts. I'm still plugging along.


I love the card, and I think that's too funny! It totally sounds like something I would do! LOL

Carolyn King

Too funny girl! Hope one of your real life friends reads this and bashes that whole "box" theory! lol!

Adorable card too!

Karen Sullivan

you're funny - let us know in a later post if the girls were busted or not - so your online stamping buddies can laugh! :)

And by the way, you've made me want to order more Bellas.....REALLY cute paper piecing!

Viv (VivLyn)

I love the sentiment and the card too! Be sure to let us know how the birthday dinner turned out!

Amber Porter

Super cute card and I absolutely love that saying!!

christina fischer

Your card is fantastic, and your "test" is too funny!! Please let us know if they passed! :)


So funny!! Awesome card (LUV that sentiment!!!)

But I see that YOU are the one busted. So much for nice neat little boxes, eh? :D


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