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February 25, 2008



CAROLE!!! I almost blew tea all over my screen! You are SO sweet!! (Seriously...thank you!!!! Wow!)

I'm so glad you got your Oscar! You deserve it! (How was McDreamy???? Did you touch his hair?)

And since you got all that killing out of your system so early in the week, I hope you have a super one! Thank you so much for the compliment, the ADORABLE card and the laughs! Hugs!

Shannan Teubner

LOL Congrats on your Oscar! How was George?


Hilarious!!! Awesome bird killin card!!! Congrats on your oscar, you so deserve it!!

Susan (rainy)

Carole darlink... you look ma-a-a-rvelous. hehe

Congrats on you award. Darling fun card... just like you!

Carolyn King

It was so nice to see you last night...too bad you didn't get to sit up close at the important people table with me....just the same---I squinted and I think I saw you.

Kudos to you!!! (snort!)

love the card girl...and your sense of humor that i always can count on!

christina fischer

I saw you on the Red Carpet with Regis -- your gown was GORGEOUS!! Who is the designer?!? I laughed when George Clooney planted that kiss on you right in front of the camera!

Love the card -- all the bling is terrific! :)


You are too frigging funny!!!

chris mott

You crack me up. One of these days, I hope to meet you. YOu always have me in stiches through your blog, or one of the release parties (pole dancing episode with carolyn)...My coffee went all over my keyboard...You should be here to help clean it
Love the Bella card!!

Kelly L

Oh my goodness, you CRACK me UP!! LOL (had to love the first comment too by Shel) . . . LMBO did you touch McDreamy's hair. Who would have gotten up that far?! Bwahhahhah, okay, now really I am a good girl, but he is HOT! This Bella is totally cool (oops felt like a teenager again saying that one), but IT IS! Love the new stamp with the dogs, but you really made that keychain work girl! Great job. Your cards keep me lookin' but your sense of humor keeps me laughin! Thanks so much! :) Kel

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