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February 19, 2008



Funny, funny, is nice to know that even the pros make mistakes.

christina fischer

I'm definitely here for the mindless yapping!!! ;)

I was one of those teeth-gnashers -- I just couldn't come up with anything (I still might give it a try), but you nailed it! Love this card!


Awesome interpretation of the CC!


Oh you do make me smile Carole....thanks for a fun blog!!

Amy Sheffer

Mindless yapping? I feel right at home. Thanks for the smiles today. Oh, and GREAT card you've put together. Me on the other hand? STILL gnashing the teeth.


I love your blog and you are so funny! My most used word during stamping is CRAP! because I frequently have to start over. I could do a tutorial on how to waste as much product as possible in the most ridiculous amount of time. Good thing I am having fun at least.

Shannan Teubner

YAY for mindless yapping!! See, I read it!


Thanks for the smile before I hit my pillow for the night! Keep on yapping, I just adore it!


Yap away! I feel completely at home! And no, I have started the color challenge. I thought... WHAT! HOw the heck do I make those colors work?... but now that I see yours, I think I'll try it tomorrow.

Jana Weaver

Hey Carole...thanks for the smile this morning! :-) Between Nick colors and your tutorial I loved it!! I also like what you did with the colors - it wasn't so easy for me!!

Sorry I missed you at the party Monday night...and yes I'm finally better! :-)


L-O-V-E it, Carole! And I LOVE the way your cards always stick out! They stick out in a good way to me! :)


Too dang funny! I love to "listen" to you yap!

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