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February 27, 2008



That is freakin hilarious, and completely changed my image of that stamp. I wonder if that says something about me???

Joanne B.

OMG LOL! Good thing I just swallowed my sip of red wine before I saw this or I would have a computer stained with merlot! BWAH!! This is precisely what I needed today. You crack me up

Julie Campbell

Oh My Gosh! You CRACK ME UP! I loved the card... then read your post. hehehehe!!!


OMG! THAT'S why he doesn't have his little topknot! DUH!


OMG! THAT'S why he doesn't have his little topknot! DUH!


Shall I print this and take it to Sean? LOL

Karen O

ROTFLMAO. I just spit water all over my laptop- great card

Mayberry Magpie

To Carole: how can YOU NOT send that card to me? Really?

To Carole's readers: I highly recommend the addition of Mr. Speedy to your life. Might be better therapy than even stamping. Just saying.





Shannan Teubner



Hahahahahahaha! Your so clever!

Jana Weaver

Thank you! I need a good chuckle this morning!!! :-D FABulous!!

deidre mooney

SPEW!!! Love this..hubby is out of town all week so I am familiar with Mr Speedy myself! Too funny!!!! This is a card for every woman!

Lisa C.

I had to read the comments *just* to make sure I was umm...understanding you correctly. I simply love it!!! My kind of humor. I burst out laughing. Then DH reminded me that Mr Speedy has residence in our room

jen del muro

LOL!! too cute!


Bwaaa hahahahaha!!!! You are TOO FUNNY!!! And this card is too cute!


What a great card and I love the one below as well.. I really like those colors together.

Karen Sullivan

TOO FUNNY - I want that little love machine stamp before you made this - he just has so many uses! ;)


Oh, how funny! What a wonderful way to make an adult statement w/out being too over the top.


Totally appropriate in "womanly" way......every lady should have a love machine! You are so clever girly!!!


ROFLOL! That is hilarious! LOVE your card!

Leigh O'Brien

Ha ha! Too funny, Carole. I love cards with a sense of favorite kind. Super job!


Okay, I've looked at this card like, 15 times and I JUST now got it! Hahaha! You naughty thing!

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