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February 23, 2008


Lynn Mercurio

This is an awesome card and design...althought I don't share your passion for sushi. I especially like how you split your scalloped piece into two different colors! was great meeting you at CHA! I hope that we have a chance to meet again sometime!


I absolutely LOVE your card...such clean lines and you met the challenge perfectly! I just discovered your blog (where have I been?) will spend some time looking around. Great job! Uh...but no sushi for me...thanks!


Ladies, must trust Carole on this one. She would not steer you wrong on sushi. The food is just like her art -- colorful, flavorful, multi-dimensional, satisfying, and addictive. One bite and you'll always want more!

Thank you, Carole, for this gift from your own hands and heart. I can't wait to hold it in my own.

Kim Howard

Great card, I love sushi just the same...and I can inhale it too!!!

jen del muro

way cute!! i can't wait to ink up the sushi set!

Shannan Teubner

Love it!! Not sushi, but your card. ;)


I totally LOVE the sushi stamps! Made my way to your blog via Susan's...what a great card you made. I love bright colors. I'm off to find those stamps now..

Karen (stampin3)

Great card - way to combine all those challenges too!! Can't say I like sushi, but your card is great! Your friend will love it!!

Amber Porter

Adorable card! That sushi stamp is too stinkin' cute!! Love your card!


Fun card! I also liked the color division on the scallop piece. What a great way to celebrate your friends accomplishment. Can't say I agree about the "sushi" though.


This is such a super cute card!!! I love it!!! I also read your previous post, and it broke my heart too. I worry about stuff like that all the time. When you see people on TV with disabilities being picked on, it makes me so upset. I hope I never have to see it in real life. I graduated with two boys with Cerebral Palsy,and actually had the honor of getting to walk beside one of them. Some of my friends were sorry for me, and I told them that I felt sorry for them that they would even think to say this to me. People are so cruel anymore it is just sad. Thanks for the wonderful comment you left on my blog, and I am totally adding you to my blog roll too!! Thanks!!


cute the two toned scalloped oval!


This is SO cute!!! And a sushi set?!?!?! I MUST check that out! I *love* sushi!! And I'm certain I'm old enough to remember that song, but I don't. Maybe if you upload a little clip of you singing it I'll recognize the Anyway, super cute card! (Now I want

Mary Jo Price-Williams

Great job with this color challenge. Love this.

My paper World

This is adorable!

Carolyn King

Not a sushi fan here but I LOVE your creative card--and I am sure your friend will too!

Kim L.

What a cute stamp!! Do microbeads come in an orange color? Using that on the sushi would make it really look like those little orange fish eggs! But glitter does an awesome job too! :-)

Charlotte B

You're making me want some sushi and I don't eat the stuff. Delicious card though! Your friend will love it!

Susan (rainy)

What a fun and yummy card!!

Dawn Easton

Carole, what a FUN card! I just had sushi yesterday for lunch with my
Love how you did the split colours on the scalloped oval, very cool!

Diane Lapointe

Great card Carole!!!

Tangi Crain

Very cute! I love the set and sentiment! You seem to find the cutest stamps...I'm gonna have to shop with you sometime!! :)

Have a great week!

Anita Van Hal

VERY cool take on this week's challenge! I enjoyed your "sheep sweater cards" very much-I remember that sweater well-do you think she was trying to send a message to the royal family? LOL

Lisa B

Great card...please make your handwriting a font! It's beautiful!!!

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