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March 08, 2008



Oh I think this is a lovely sympathy card! So sorry you needed to make it.
Congratulations on your nomination!!!

Jen del Muro

gorgeous card, for a girl with a rep, ya know!! good luck tonight. i have my fingers crossed for you!!

Shannan Teubner

ROFLMAO about 2 things...
cards about sex and Susan lucci. LOL


I think this works VERY well as a sympathy card. Just LOVELY, Carole!


I think it is a fabulous sympathy card. I know what you mean about not having any, I refuse to make them till I need them. Thanks for sharing and good luck at your awards ceremony!!

Mayberry Magpie

Hey, I happen to remember a not-so-typical sympathy card you made for me as a commission that was lovely. I'm guessing you didn't photograph it? Neither did I before I gave it away.

Mayberry Magpie

Dawn Easton

Carole, this is a lovely sympathy card. It's always harder to make them when the need arises, that's for sure.
Best of luck to you all tonight!!!

Laura Canale

Sorry to hear about your friend's dad. This card is really beautiful.

Good luck tonight!


This is a beautiful card and I think it makes a lovely sympathy card. LOVE your work!! Always enjoy stopping by!!

Amy Sheffer

I think this makes a lovely sympathy card! I love the rich, earthy colors you chose and the peaceful scene in the image. I guess the awards ceremony has passed now ... congrats on being a finalist, and maybe a winner?

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