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March 31, 2008



LOL, Carole! I thought you were going to say you like your men....HOT!

Cheryl Horton

I'm ROFL Awwwhahaha - ha I love the analogy of the coffee to men. We could keep it going - I like my coffee hot & smooth. Thanks for the great chuckle.


Well I like my coffee hot and strong!

Diane Lapointe

Now that's a cool cup!!


ha! I know your real secret- congratulations on your pregnancy!


just heard your wonderful news Carole and had to come congratulate you .... :)

Cindy Haffner

Congrats on your pregnancy, how wonderful.

Stacy Twinshappy

Carole what cute cup! Oh and I heard the excited news! Congrats!!! I bet your totally excited! Maybe you should have the expecting Bella on your cup. Twinshappy!

Carolyn King

Don't you know you shouldn't drink a lot of coffee when you are preggers????
Hope it is decaf! SNORT!


And to think I spoke with you on the phone, and you didn't once mention the baby news!!! Clinton Burrage perhaps??

Shannan Teubner

Congrats, Carole! I'll start knitting you a baby blanket!


oh i love that cup. I don't drink coffee, but i could use it to drink my hot tea!
hey is it are expecting? cool!!


Heard your wonderful news from Cammie! Congratulations on the future addition to your family! :)

jen del muro

i have to say that i am a little upset that i had to read the news here. congrats and best wishes to you and the lil' one!


Just heard about your good news.
A big CONGRATS to you and your family Carol.

Judy (StampingQueenJAR)

Oh Carole, I am so happy for you!! Just heard that you are expecting again! That is really neat! Watch the caffeine!! (Cute cup too - milk will fit in there to, ya know!)

Michelle Giraud

Wow Carole - congrats!! I just heard the big news from Cammie. That's really gonna put the pole dancing on hold for a little while!

Deborah Anton

Congrats Carole on the wonderful news! Just remember to take it easy on the Cuppa... Hmmm... another boy maybe?


Carole..adorable cup!! and congrats on the news!!! maybe a little bella of your own!!


Looks like I'm going to have to hire a new bodygaurd. Can't have a pregnant bodygaurd!! Little upset you couldn't tell me yourself, had to find out from my other bodygaurd. I tell ya...

Amy Sheffer

I didn't "expect" to hear your great news from someone else! A big congrats! (And thanks Cammie!)

Lauren (mytime)

Oh Carole I can't tell you how happy I am for you!! WOW! What a great blessing that will be.
Will you still be able to pole dance? Maybe that is how this happened! LOL! Anyway my wish for you is a wonderful, easy pregnancy with a SAFE delivery-as pain free as possible of a big, beautiful and healthy baby :D

Charlene (LilLuvsStampin)

I just heard the news about your pregnancy for your third child! How exciting, Carole! Congratulations!


Wow! I must have my head under a rock! Just heard the news and I wanted to congratulate you! Although I must say, you are braver than me! But then I am probably alot older than you too!

Congrats Carole, I am so so happy for your wonderful news!


congratssssssssssssss CAROLE!!! I am soooo proud of you!!!! I knew you could do it :)
I hope you had DA BEST CUPPAH JAVA EVAH!!!!
mwah to da AMAZING sistah :)


OMG I thought about the design team call.. LOL you must think I am a freak!! CONGRATS ON THE BEBE!!!!! (and yes I knew you could do it :))
Mwah to da sistah who may have a mini sistah in da tummy!
so what's the name gonna be..HILLARY??? LOL

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