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March 14, 2008



I tend to see a lot more blond stamped folk than either brunette or redhead. As far as redheads go, I agree with you; I love em and don't see nearly enough! I'm partial though, my BFF is a redhead, as is her mom, dad, sis, hubby, and 4 kids! So, that family alone will help populate a little of our world with carrot top mops!

Lynn Mercurio

What a truly adorable card. I haven't seen these little bella girls sweet are THEY! I was taken aback with your mention of the article of the possible extinction of redheads...OH NO...SAY IT AIN'T SO! *GIGGLE* As long as there is hair dye, there will be redheads...just maybe not the natural sad. did a great job with this card and it's perfect for the challenge.

Amy Caraluzzi

What a darling card! These bellas really live up to their name! TFS!


Are these the cutiest little girlz....the card is adorable....but I am in luv with the legs & feet part of the card! tee hee, great post!

Barb Hardeman

Love those dancin' cuties...they are dancin', right? Those feet are tooo cute and the added bling, well, a necessity to say the least..wonderful tip on color. Thanks a bunch.

Amber Porter

Absolutely adorable card! love those new bellas!!!


Well this is just doggone adorable!

Lisa B

Those little girls are too cute for their own good!!! Beautiful card, Carole!

Dawn Easton

Carole! This is so adorable! Those new Bella stamps are fab! Thanks for the tip on the ink too ;)

Shona Watson

I love that background! I'm kind of into polka dots right now. I also love how you used the ribbon - very clever!



Cute card, even if they are blond and red. :)

Carolyn King

precious! long live the redheads (do you know i was a redhead in my youth?)


What an adorable card!`


This is darling!

Kim Howardkim howard

You crack me up!! This card is fantastic, the colors are so deep and the coloring is fabulous!


How totally adorable!!! I totally agree with the hair color issue, I am a brunette, and even I always want to color the hair blonde!! I think it was all that time practicing coloring Barbies hair in coloring books when I was a kid!! It just feels natural!!

Karen Sullivan

so those are bella children, huh? I have never seen them before - really cute!

As a redhead, I must say I make 90% of my "stamping offspring" redheads! And my actual offspring are all redheads too! ;)


This is absolutely adorable! I'm planning a Stamping Bella shopping spree and had intentions of only purchasing the little fairies (and a few sentiments) might be a bigger order than I intended.

Anita Van Hal

how cute is this! very very nice work! love the kraft paper too, and the dots are perfect!


This is absolutely adorable! The dotted background is so fun and so are the Bellas-to-be (gotta get myself a few of these . . .).

Beckie Carlson

Great card! I love how you did the ribbons and the redhead is adorable!

Jana Weaver

VERY cute card Carole...and the polka dots look awesome! And hey...I resemble that brunette remark! :-) But, since I have a little blondie girl here at home, I tend to go between brunette and blond.


TOO cute! Love your card....


So cute! And I had no idea about the plight of the redheads. Your blog is so educational! ;-)

Joanne B.

Okay Burrage, you color all your little girlies with blonde hair, and I'll color all mine with dark hair and we're good.

Hot knife? Yowsers, I am definatley not allowed to have one of those. People with adult ADD (which I have only developed since I started crafting!) should not play with hot, sharp items!!


ohhhhhh I jus LOVE that background! And then of course the layering with the nesties is just great, love the ribbon too!

Karen (stampin3)

omgoodness - you are a hoot!! super cute card too!! love the polka dot bg as well!!

Charlotte B

Cute card! Love the color combo and the Bellas too.

Christy (Tiddly Inks)

Love what you did with them!
Great colors! :D

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