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March 18, 2008



Well I LOVE sage shadow so I'm in on this one! Orchid....not so much but I will prevail!

LOVELY birds, teach!

Shannan Teubner

Love both of these!! Now about the colors...


I love the MFT Mother's Day set. Very today and fresh and perfect for all Mom' Mom is creeping towards 60, but I don't consider her flowers and frills either as some Mother's Day things can to a point. Love the color selections too!!


LOVE the cards, Carole! And I LOVE that purple doesn't scare you! LOL Sorry I missed the challenge. . .maybe I'll get to play later! :)


I love both of them... I really like the verve visual card.. Just got my stamps yesterday so will be inking them up soon.


I love both of them... I really like the verve visual card.. Just got my stamps yesterday so will be inking them up soon.

Dawn Easton

ROFL! Well I LOVED your cards. As for the CC well that had me scratching my head for sometime. My cards are well...just plain BORING...haha! LOVE what you did with those birds and the MFT lady...that Mother's Day set is going to be FAB!!


You're so funny! Great color combo! I love both of your cards, but especially the little birds with the plaid! Too cute!

Kristine (Ink Something)

LOVE both of these! Wasn't sure about those colors together, but you really did wonders with them! :D Love your coloring on the 2nd card especially. Neat, neat!!


Great color combo (I love it when Kraft is included, I love me some Kraft!!) - I so wish I could play along today but my stamp room is still under siege, boo hoo.

Jennifer Buck

You totally crack me up!...I read your post on SCS about the challenge as well...very funny! Your cards are adorable! Thanks so much for sharing and for a fun color challenge! Take care! :)


Okay seriously, what were you thinking!!! Sure, you are fabulous, your cards are always amazing, but you seriously had me by the hair dragging me out of my comfort zone!!! Orchid and Sage on the same card, the horror!!! I think I worked it out, but it wasn't easy, and I would never say it was fun!! LOL
Seriously though, thanks for filling in, you were fabulous!!! Great color challenge, because it truly was a challenge!!

Julee T.

Cute, cute cards! I just sent you an email at the very same time you commented on my blog. Great minds think alike! :)

Carolyn King

you lucky gal....forgot you were on that other dt and can use these stamps!

You are a great substitute too...btw!

Susan (rainy)

Oh Carol I love both of your cards. That new MFT set looks amazing. Yes.. that sentiment is perfect.

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