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April 17, 2008



I wanted to start this out by saying, I am not stalking you, I just got here at the perfect time!!LOL
My favorite pet is by far and away my dog Sophie. She is a mini pekignese and the light of my life. I seriously treat her like she is my kid. She likes to be held like a baby, and follows me everywhere. She likes my dh, but would pass up anyone for a chance to sit with her "mommy".

Jan Scholl

my Clancy was the best and when he died on Halloween, I was just devestated. We called him King of the Backyard as he would pose like the lion king.

Sharon Williams

My favourite pet is our only one - our Australian cattle dog DJ. He just loves to play fetch with his ball. He will walk as far as you want to. He'll come and put his head in your lap when you're feeling down. Everything you need in a best friend.
I hope I'm not disqualified from the Blog Bon-bon because I live in Australia but if I am I'll understand.


Gretel sounds like such a wonderful sweetie. I do love dogs, but I love cats, too. Growing up I always had both. my favorite (so far) would be a chihuahua that I had growing up. She wasn't hyper like most of them and she was my constant companion. Thanks for sharing. I love your sense of humor.

Kathy D

Oh, your soulmate Gretel is beautiful! I have allergies, so I have only experienced one pet...a collie named Ginger. Thanks for sharing your work and your humor!


Fav. pet would have to be our two cats. Stealth and Orange Kitty. Too much fun to be around a joy to live and play with. TFS

Viv (VivLyn)

Gretel looks fabulous in her custom made bandana!! What a sweet idea! My favorite pet would have to be my very first one when I was little. He was just a little mutt and his name was Jeepy but we were inseparable!

june gibbons

wellll, my fav pet has to be our pooch buzz. we have had him for almost 2 years and he has grown into quite a lovely puppy. i wasn't sure how it would turn out, me and buzz. a few stare downs later and now we have a great relationship:)


My favorite pet was a cat named Tasha. She was part Siamese and talked up a storm with me (and only me). We would actually have 'conversations', she would meet me at the door after work and 'ask' me how my day was!!!


Glenda Mosher

I so enjoyed reading about Gretel. I am fond of dogs myself but we reside/serve with 2 cats. (Dogs have masters cats have staff)
Robin Ringtail is the most chatty cat I have ever known! He has to have the last word. He is a brown striped tabby with licorice paws and a butterscotch belly and on sunny days when you open the front door to see if he wants in he looks over his shoulder and meows "not yet!" Seriously, it really sounds that way!
Toya (aka "bat girl") is his sister. She's jet black and has a permanent crook in her tail.This lovely, ploomy curl at the end of her tail is the next thing in cat haute coteur! She's the exact opposite of Robin but ever so sweet in her affections.
Life is good, but it is made even better with our cats.


My favorite pet was Scruffy, a mutt my brother saw abandoned at a school. He brought her home knowing wouldn't say no. She became my constant companion like Gretel is to you.

Mary Jo Price-Williams

Gretel is just beautiful. I love her bandanna! As far as favorite pet, I have had so many pets and all have there different personalities and quirks. They are like children -- I can not really pick a favorite. Although I have to quietly admit I have one now that is a bit of a pain in the you know what - but I love him just the same. We have pretty much always had more than one pet -- at the moment we have 4 - two dogs, one cat and "gasp" one ball python - I have an eight year old son to thank for that one! Hope you have a great week!

Teresa Dolan

Wally!! He is my stray kittie that just showed up at my door. He lives in my breezeway cause hubby is allergic, (This is a man who cut a door in the side of the house to the breezeway for a cat he can't stand!!!) He has no claws, and is fixed. He was really malnourished when he showed up. Now he is fat and sassy!! And a great mouser! True lapcat and lover!


Julie Miller

All of my pets (in their time) have been my favorite. I am a dog lover, and have had a dog in my life my full 32 years. Right now I have a 2.5 yr old Boxer/Lab, he's my shadow. He cuddles with me on the couch to watch tv, he sleeps on his dog bed right next to my bed. If he feels like he hasn't had a kiss or a hug, he'll go find one. What can I say, he makes me happy. And that's the ultimate goal of our pets, right? ~Julie


My first cat Muffin was true gem. I mean, cats really get a bad rap for being aloof and uncaring. Feed me, pat leave me alone. Not Muffin...she had a sixth sense about her. Growing up, after a heated "discussion" with my mother that left me in a fit of tears as only one could as a teenager who knew everything and mom knew nothing...I would go into my bedroom, slam the door and throw myself on the bed....within seconds Muffin popped out from underneath my dresser, hopped on the bed, nuzzled my face and laid beside me. It was as though she were saying "I love you". I'd scratch her ears and pet her...Muffin purred. To this day, I believe Muffin knew how to comfort me (even though maybe she use my vulnerability her own gain). I miss her.

Dawn Easton

LOL I love the "When I told Gretal..." crack me up!
I feel like we have so much in common and reading your story, it sounded as if I wrote it. Our dog Snickers follows me everywhere too. Although lately she has become a little bit of a mooch and will abandon me if someone has french fries or potato chips...haha! When Snickers was a puppy she took over Chloe's beanbag chair and that is where she sleeps when I craft.
Your bandanna is awesome! What a FAB idea!!! TFS!

Heather Reppen

My childhood cat Pepper was the best cat in the whole world. We got him as a kitten when I was 4. He would wait in the living room window every day for my sister and I to get home from school and then run to the door when he saw us coming. When I went to college I took him with me (once I got out of the dorms). He was the best cat ever. A year after I graduated from college he developed cancer and I did every thing in my power to help him try and beat it but at Christmas in his 18th year I lost him. It was the worst thing ever. Ten years later I still have pictures of him and I hanging all over. Pets are definitely family!
Thanks for the chance at the great blog candy.
Thanks for the opportunity

Gretchen Sheridan

It's so hard for me to choose which of my pets were a favorite. I had such a bond with most of them. The first dog I got to pick out was when I was ten. She was a black mutt, but smart as a whip. I named her Licorice. We did everything together. Played dress up, won blue ribbons at the state fair, rode in the car together, etc. I still miss her and that was 20 years ago!

Gretchen Sheridan


My favorite pet was my childhood cat named Mitzy! It was the only pet I had and just loved it when she came to rub on my legs. I thought I must be pretty special that she would want to be with me.

Thanks for the chance to win some neat blog candy.


Melissa (smileytexan)

Ooh, that's a tough one. My mom and dad had a bunch of pets when i was growing up and now that I'm married, I have my own cat. I guess I'll say my cat Smokey. We've had him since we were married for 5 months. . .we'll be married 13 years this summer. When we had our first child, he wasn't too happy. We now have 3 and waiting on one more, and Smokey is so tolerant of them all!! He's a lovable cat who just wants attention!!

Thanks for the chance to win!

Cat Lail

hi there! i found your blog the other day through a link from someone else's blog. so today is only my second visit!

it's so sweet of you to share the story of your Gretel. i had a rottie, named Rex, who was my baby and your story reminds me of him. he wasn't happy unless he was by my side [or on my lap]. while he loved my husband, it was clear who his momma was :) Rex died in his sleep five years ago, and i still miss him.

thanks for the sweet candy offer - i'd LOVE to win some new TCP stamps.


What an amazing dog (and a super cute post!). My favorite pet was my cat Mango the Tropical Cat (he went by Kitty) - I adopted him when I first made the big move to Austin from MI. He was sort of a dog-like cat, he liked to play fetch & would run to the door meowing when people knocked! I had him for 10yrs but then he died very tragically, while I was pregnant with Carter and my husband was out of town. Very difficult! But I sort of feel that it 'makes sense' that he was gone before Carter came, bc he used to get all of my attention & would not have appreciated sharing it!


You are so funny...reading your posts is like reading a little novella! My fav pet wasn't even mine...he was my in-laws! I spent a summer with them before I got married (when DH was away in CA)...this dog was very spoiled and never trained. Since I had time on my hands, I had him trained in no short time. For the next eight years, whenever I came into the house, I was "alpha dog" and he always "came to attention". Too funny...esp. for a bichon!


What a sweet story about Gretel! She is a beauty! My favorite animal is my toy poodle Copper. He is apricot and is the light of our lives. He is such a snuggle bunny, and I'm pretty much "it-on-a-stick" for him, just like you are for Gretel! Would love to win these stamps! I love your scarf for Gretel, what a great idea, I hope she knows how much she's loved!


Kathy Tabbers

I had a dog named Pennie. When you described Gretel, I felt like you were describing my girl. It was her eyes. She had so much love in that little dog body. She was a licker! We got her from someone who wanted to get rid of her (I have no idea why!). She had such a kind soul. We were meant to be! :o)

Alicia Weiman

My favorite pet is my parent's dog, Cassie. She is a golden lab mix, but was my dog when I lived at home. Now she is my kids guardian whenever they are at Grandma and Papa's. I wish we had a dog inside, but my husband is totally against indoor animals. We do have 3 cats and a dog outside, but it's not the same as cuddling with! them inside.

Love your dog's new kitty bandanna

Erica - SCS msdaiquiri

Hi Carole and Happy Thursday!! =)I just happened to come on over and pay your blog a visit via Shelly's blog she said you had bought the cutest stamps! Enabler alert!!! lol..then I saw your blog bon bon and goodies...yay! Here's my story... I am not a big pet person but 2 yrs ago that changed. My hubby was adamant that the kids wanted a toy poodle...yeah right!!! It was HIM!!! Anyways, my kids got a toy poodle for their birthday and now 2 yrs later...I am in love with a little guy by the name of Jack! He is such a sweetie pie. When I get home he's the first one to come greet and give Mommy a kiss! Now I realize how much a person can love these little guys! Even though he is not formally trained he knows that right before we go to bed, he goes potty and then he runs into the house and goes straight to his crate for night-night. I really love my little bundle of fur and feel so blessed that he is part of our family!

Lorien Clark

How sweet! Does she really like to wear bandannas? She looks almost like she isn't sure about that. My favorite pet is my first pet that I was allowed to get. It was a guinea pig named Fuzzy. I was in high school. He was the best little guinea pig. We even took him in to have professional photos taken and my mom put it up on the mantel like a senior picture. I need to find one of those pictures. People don't believe me.

Andrea Murdock

it would have to be my dog Molly who is by me all the time. I am not a dog person- or didn't know I was until Molly came into my life. She is always close to me, so much so that I have to be careful when I roll back in my desk chair or I might run her over (sorry again Molly, I didn't realize you were there hunny). I also have a cat JellyBean who adores Molly as well. Molly has taken on some cat qualities and JellyBean acts like a dog. So basically they are the perfect pets for me and my quirkiness!


Gretel sounds like a wonderful dog! One of my favorite pets was my first cat Midnight. I don't think the feeling was mutual, however. I was about 6 when my aunt brough her to me as a kitten and she hid under our couch for a week.

Susan Liles (susiestampalot)

awwww!!! i'm not much of a pet person. however, our rat terrier, Hopper turned 10 yesterday and I did get him a bone and some chicken nuggets. the pet closest to my heart was when i was 10. i too, had a german shepherd and her name was ginger. she was MY dog and followed me everywhere, much like gretel. we had to put her to sleep on account of a massive heart worm infestation. i do miss her and maybe one day will get another one. thanks for making me cry today.


Gretel is SO cute! I'm sure she has NOTHING to worry about with those silly cats!


Awwwww that bandana is so darn cute.

My favorite pet is my current kitty, Nicodemus. He was named after a famous rat in "The Rats of Nimh" because when he was born, he looked exactly like a little rat. My boss found him in a dumpster when he was about 10 days old, and DH and I nursed him back to health, feeding him by a bottle every 2 hours, wiping his butt to make him go to the bathroom (you have to do this with very young ones), making a bed of heating pads for him...the whole shebang. He is definitely a momma's boy and acts just like your dog, totally following my every move. He is not your typical independent cat, which is I think why I like him. I get a cat with a dog's personality :)

Thanks for offering the candy, I would LOVE to win this set!


Okay, so I can't say favorite because my Dagny (a canine of sorts) is nearby. But I will say the pet that I was most "simpatico" with was my American Eskimo, Cotton. She and I were like you and Gretal. If she barked I new what she wanted, if she cried or whimpered, I knew what hurt. We were just on the same wavelength. I loved her with all my heart and cried like crazy when she went to doggy heaven. Now I have Dagny, and I love her with all my heart too, but it is different. She follows me everywhere and talks all the time, so I never know what she wants. If she wants to go out she might go in the living room next to the piano and bark. But that could me I want a biscuit and I want it now,darn it. Not simpatico -- lovable, Yes -- simpatico No. Now I am never lucky, so maybe Cotton will do a little guiding of the random number thing for me!!

Shannan Teubner

How precious is she!!
Ok, my favorite pet is most definitely Lucy. She's my "middle doggie", an English Mastiff. Bless her heart, she's soooo dumb, she sits in the middle of the yard in the pouring rain. But she loves everyone, and would probably take a bullet for any of us. Love her. :)

Claudia F.

Your baby is beautiful! We had a dog named Callie who loved bananas and playing hide and seek, now we have a cat who loves bananas, she loves to give kisses too. We also have a cat who plays fetch.

Jordan Fast

My favorite pet of all time was Aussie. He was a Australian cattle dog and the most loyal of all the pets we've owned.


What a beautiful dog!

My favorite pet was my dog Rocky. He was so dumb but so cute at the same time. He LOVED popcorn and bbq potato chips :) He would jump around in his bed each night until he was completely covered up before he could fall asleep-- just a joy to have around!

Susan (rainy)

You are too funny!! And Gretel look simply ma-ah-ah-velous in her adorable designer bandanna. I'm not sure I could pick a favorite.. maybe Wilber. We were born in the same year and he was our big fluffy cat until the year I graduated from high school. Growing up I never knew home without him.

Tara Duvall

I have 2 faves, 1 was our cat Spunky, she lived up to her name too and would give my DH the hardest time about everything! No joke, they picked on each other endlessly. 2nd was our dog Boots, come to think of it we had them about the same time, anyways DH worked nite shift and I worked 2nd shift, so Boots would sleep with me through the nite, well he wouldn't let DH get into bed until I said DH could get into bed, that was always a good laugh. The dog would also try to sleep between us.hehehe DH was having none of that! Memories..........

Donna Baker

oh my word - Gretel is a beauty and smart & loyal too, based on your descriptions of her behavior. I LOVE it, you are too funny, woman! Her scarf is ADORABLE!

My favorite pet is my Baby Elsie (prepare for this long post) - she was rescued as a kitten about 8 wks when she ran across 4 lanes of 2-way traffic to hide in between the two front tires of a VAN. We stopped from proceeding to our destination to HELP. It took us about 15 mins to get this scared kitten out (well, DH tried for about 14 and I did it in 1 min because my arm was smaller) she didn't try to scratch or bite. Took her to DMIL's to watch her until we got back. We didn't want to leave her (and thought about her the whole time we were away) DH had recently lost his job & we already had 2 BIG dogs & a cat who found US and thought against keeping her. That is, until DH took her to the animal shelter the next morning and CRIED when he left her, as she looked so sadly at him. So...after he called me and I started to cry, he marched right back in there to fill out ADOPTION papers. She was checked out & given the go ahead for us to pick her up in 2 days. It was hellish to wait. I treated her like my baby & she like I'm her momma (no doubt) she snuggles in my hair, tries to lead me to the bedroom so we can spend quality time together when I spend too much time in my stamp room and sleeps in a little round bed at my feet. She also lays on me anytime, anywhere she can and just stares lovingly at me. I don't even have to pet her to make her stay. She also loves brush time (brushy brushy) and rolls around & around taking all the attention in, all the while 'talking to me' (hard to describe in writing). DH is determined to grow out his hair because he's jealous of the time she spends with me (hoping his hair will become her replacement for when I'm not around) HA!

Beth M

Love your write up on Gretel! My favorite pet is my cat Tigger. He greets me at the door and follows me everywhere. He sleeps on my feet at night and lays on the desk in my stamp room when I'm in there. He even comes when you call him. May he live forever!


I've only had one pet that I've truly loved--my pet dwarf rabbit named Bugsy. He was a sweet black rabbit that I got in 4th grade. Sadly, he passed away on Thanksgiving when I was in college. Love you Bugs! Thanks for the chance to play!


I can't wait to see this set!

I have a cat, Kobe, that absolutely loves people. When someone knocks on the door he races to it to answer it. If the door is open, and he sees someone walk by, he starts meowing. A real watch-cat. He sits on the back of the furniture a lot and when you walk by, he reaches out with his paw and touches you. There is one big draw back with Kobe - he gets really excited when someone pets him and purrs like crazy - when he purrs, he drools. He can soak you so fast, you never let him sit on your lap while you pet him!


What an amazing dog you have! She's beautiful! My favorite pet is not mine unfortunately-but we babysit her for a few months of the year when her owners go to Florida for the winter! She is a hairy persian kitty with a nasty and fierce vampire hiss if you piss her off, but otherwise I love her and she is quite adorable !! Me and my guy are those people who talk to their pets as if they are their baby .. it's disgusting of us actually, but we don't have any children yet so... i guess it's ok :)

nancy l.

My favorite pet would have to be the dog we had while I was growing up. His name was Smokey, named after Smokey the Bear since we got him during Fire Prevention Week. He was a mutt we bought from a friend. He was soooo much fun. He loved to play and was super easy to teach tricks. It was a real heartbreaking day when we had to put him down at age 13. Thanks for the chance to win this new set. It sounds like a lot of fun!


I really don't have any pet memories, but my mom and dad just got a new dog..and he's so cute. His name is Brutus. Hope that counts! Thanks so much for the chance to win.

Janean Campbell

My favorite pet is my cat Pinky..He (yes I said he) is a pure breed lilac point siamese..We've had him since he was born as we have a female also..He's so unique and a very good cat. He thinks he's human..

Thanks for this little tribute to our pets and for the chance to win.

Sarah B

I've had one pet, and one pet only. Her name is Carly and shes one amazing dog. She's a border terrier and loves to dress in human clothes! :) (check out my blog here: to see what I'm talking about!
She's getting to be an "old lady" so she's slowing down and lives pretty much the easiest life(eats, sleeps and poops)!


My favorite cat was Mischief. He helped me as a child get thru a nasty divorce. He's the only friend I had during that time! He is so missed.

Thanks for the candy entry!

Amy Sheffer

Your Gretel sounds amazing! Love the cute little bandanna, too. My favorite pet was Cracker, a very high-energy yellow Lab. He was my first pet as a grown-up and much like a first child for my husband and me. Thanks for the chance at the blog bon-bons. Loved reading about Gretel!

Kim L.

What a sweet, sweet dog you have! We never were allowed to have non-caged pets, so we always had small pets like hamsters, fish (they never lasted longer than a few days for some reason), birds and domestic rats. Yes, rats. They are very intelligent and are very gentle, especially if you raise them from birth. My first rat was named Spike. He was dark gray and was so sweet!


All of my pets have been my favorite! I've been lucky enough to be blessed with three beautiful "Sprinkles" in my life (i.e black cats). The one that I bonded the most with was Hawkeye. He was a stray alley cat when I found him. I catnapped him from the back of an alley where he used to beg for food from the various vendors that had their businesses there. Once he got over the trauma of being catnapped and shoved in a cat carrier, he became my constant companion. He was affectionate, talkative, and my constant shadow. Thanks for the opportunity to win!



My favorite pet right now is my current cat, Kiisa. I also loved my cat Jake, and the many cats I grew up with: Koko, Cinnamon, Nutmeg, Herman, etc. My first word was "kitty" -- it was my Mother's fault! I enjoy all my rubber stamp pets too.


Gretel is gorgeous! My favorite pet was the hamster I had ages ago when I was in 6th grade. His hame was Hambo, and he was baaad! He had only one eye, and both ears were torn up from a fight he was in before he came to live with me. Hambo. Hamster Rambo. Get it? But he was the best hamster in the whole world. Wow, I need to get out of this apartment so I can get a real pet...


My dear kitty Penelope was my favorite. (I so love my Mia now, but Penelope was an angel)
Got her in the 8th grade and had her through college and getting married!

Kendra Giles

oh, oh how cute is Gretel!!! I love the story too - sounds a lot like Gizmo! Now what would it take, or what do I need to do for you so that you will make your good friend Kendra one of these cute bandanas for her doggie?? :) Remember, we will get to see each other in 2 weeks! woohoo

Linda Marie

Gretel is one beautiful dog! My favorite pet is my dog Elvis. He is a Momma's boy. First thing each morning he goes to find his favorite ball. It's just like a pacifier. He'll tease you w/his ball while prancing around. It's too funny. He has moves like the real Elvis!

Regina Davis

Your Gretel is a really beautiful dog. She sounds wonderful. My favorite pet is our sweet Dachshund, Benjamin. We rescued him from the Humane Society in 2001. He's so even tempered and loves everyone...especially me. He, too, curls up at my feet while I'm stamping and sleeps in his bed on the floor on my side of the bed. He's the most intelligent dog I've ever owned, too. He knows the name of every single dog toy he has in the huge collection. You can say "Benjamin, get your baby" and he'll run to the pile and dig for his baby wiener dog. He's too cute!

Have a great day - Regina Davis

Troy Louise

My favorite dog is my Springer Spaniel - he is such a love & so funny. He is a real Mama's boy & follows me everywhere much like your pretty Gretel. He loves to sleep in my craft room while I stamp. I love these stamps & may have to buy them if I don't win. Thanks so much for a fun blog.

Danita (Moberkitty)

So glad that Gretel has come to terms with your new venture. :) We have five cats and it's hard to choose between them. They each have unique characteristics that make me love them. But I'd have to say my fave is Willow - she has the *best* purr in the universe and just adores to snuggle! Thanks for the blog bon bons!!!


Love your story! I love all of my furry babies, of the past and those that I have now. I have both a kitty and a puppy. I have given both a "forever home" because they are both from the SPCA, even though they don't know that! Thanks for a chance at blog candy!

Erika Michaels

My favorite pet was a long haired dashchund named Waggles. I loved Waggles - sadly he passed on several years ago from cancer. One of my favorite memories is when Waggles would jump over my stomach when I was pregnant with my daughter(she's twelvenow).

dawn k

my one and only dog is the one I have now. JoJo is a Jack Russell-Beagle mix. He is very smart and can fish things out of the trash without even knocking the lid off! I once caught him on the couch watching Dr Phil when I know I did not leave the TV on. he's my best buddy and my shadow, but I love it!

Janet S

My favorite pet isn't your usual dog or cat. My DH and daughters were allergic to pet dander. We just figured we would never have pets. That was until the lady I worked with at the time gave us a lizard! She was the cutest little Leopard Ghecko in the world. We named her Zena, the warrior princess lizard! LOL She survived with us for 3 years. Sadly, she died, but we still talk about her to this day. Thanks for the chance to win some blog candy. Maybe Cat's Pajamas can make some new lizard friends for Sprinkle!

Diane Lapointe

What a wonderful dog you have!
I've had dogs when I was a kid,but
never got really close to any of them until my mom got this little Pomeranian,we named her Bijou (jewel) She was so precious,she was my mom's baby but used to cuttle with me too. One day my mom had bad news which she had to leave for a few weeks to help her family with one of their sister that was on her death bed. Well poor Bijou missed my mom sooo much,she wouldn't eat or drink anything,we brought her to the vet and she told us she was missing my mom too much. Unfortunately she passed away before my mom came back home.
After her I just never got close to any pets. Maybe one day I'll get a dog again.

Jennifer Hodge

Wow...gretel is beautiful! My favorite pet was Swiffer, my shitzu. He was my favorite because I have been sngle most of the time I have been a parent and have focused on the kids instead of a meeting someone new so my Swiffer was my companion.


What a wonderful story! I had a dog like that once too. She was my beloved Boxer named Sasha and she was loyal! She had many of the same traits as your pup. She would follow me around, go on lots of car rides with me, she even knew when I was sad. We went through 3 deployments together (my hubbys) and Sasha would always rest her head on my lap when I was have one of my "moments" She is greatly missed! I loved reading about your good brings back many fond memories for me. Thanks for the chance at the stamps too! Have a great weekend! {{SMILEs}}

Melinda Hanson

My favorite pet of all time was Clancy, the orange cat. He was the keeper from a litter of kittens we had. I taught him to fetch a little red "jacks" ball and he could leap in the air and catch it with both front paws. He would sleep with me with his head on the pillow and his body under the covers, just like a little person. What a great guy he was!

Karen O

Gretel is just beautiful!!!

I love our part-Sheltie, part Keeshond Molly. She is an awesome dog... but, my fav was the first dog that was 'mine'- a seriously neurotic, bossy, smart 4.5 lb black pomeranian that thought she was tough as a rotty *LOL*

Carolyn King

Seriously cute bandanna---love it Carole!

My fav pet was my childhood dog, Lizzie. We got her when I was very young and she died when i was in high school---it was very traumatic. She was the most awesomeest pet ever.


My Pepper (see my avatar on SCS) has wrapped his paws around my heart since he first came here as a puppy with some issues. He is a Cairn terrier and tolerates hugs and kisses, but finds it difficult to stay still to 'lap-sit'. He is so enteraining and independent and is the love of my life.


Yes, that is a silly question! I had two very special puppies in my life. When I was in middle school and then part of highschool, there was my Asha. She was an albino Afghan Hound. She had the sweetest personality and was my constant sidekick. Your Gretel reminds me of her. Then, about 2 years ago, there was Abbi. Abbi was so much fun. She loved the water and would jump in the shower with me if I let her! She also obeyed so incredibly well, it was as if I didn't even have to say anything but her name and she knew exactly what I was thinking. Asha ran away from my Grandparents home (looking for us) and was never found. Abbi went to live in a home where she would have 2 brothers to keep her happy since I could no longer keep her and she needed a home with other dogs (she would get depressed if she was alone). I miss my puppies.


Gretel looks marvelous in her special bandana. Her eyes look so expressive. I could just give her a hug! It is so hard to pick a favorite pet. I currently have 3 cats and I love them all for their special reasons. Before them I had 2 cats. Samantha was my soul mate and wanted to be with me all the time. When I would get up in the morning, she would wait at the foot of the bet to crawl up on my shoulder for the day!


My fav pet was one from childhood. A stray, Heinz 57 variety, we named Sunshine. Like Gretel he was my constant companion. He would follow everywhere including when I would ride my bike to the "dime store" where he'd sit outside with my bike until I returned. He always knew just what to do and often we needed no verbal communication. I think of him often.....

Deb Neerman

I completely and totally understand your relationship with your sweet Gretel ... her eyes say it all!

I have the exact same kind of relationship with my Dilute Calico Persian kitty, Gabby.

I love her dearly and would be lost without her ever-present company. She 'gets' me. Totally.

Thanks for the chance to win!


I have two wonderful dogs - Annika and Stoney. They are my babies. We love playing in the yard together and snuggling up on the couch.

Thank you for the chance to enter to win your blog candy.



I enjoyed reading about Gretel, what an amazing dog you have.

My fav pet is my cat Chloe.
He is a orange male cat.
We were told it was a female when
we got him and DH grandaughter nmaed him.He was used to the name when we discovered he was male,lol, so we kept it.
He was suppose to be DH cat but he took a liking to me .He is always laying across my doorway of my scraproom when I am in there. Always on guard,lol.
When we go to bed he sleeps at the foot of the bed on my side.
He always gives me kitty kisses in the morning to wake me.
He is like my baby and I love him dearly!!


My favorite pet is my beautiful TC (for Too Cute). She is so good and obedient and sweet. She's 11 years old and is a Border Collie. She loves to play catch any time of the day and night. She keeps me company when I stamp and is very loving. Isn't it wonderful what pets do for people? I don't know what i would do without her. I just had to put an entry in because I love talking about my beautiful girl and it makes me happy.

Carolyn Sharkas

I have a new German Shepard puppy, he is 18 weeks old, we have had him about 3 weeks or so and I absolutely love him. His name is Beau and he is so intelligent and cute. He is learning so fast and he is right beside me all the time. We have had pets in the past, but mostly they have been mostly attached to the kids or the DH, I think he is going to be like Gretel and with me all the time. Thanks for sharing.


My favorite pet is of course my cat Felix. He is playful, loving and moody. We love his company and can't wish for a better pet! thanks~

Jane Bosi

My favorite and only pet was a fab doggie named Rudy. We got him from a humane society when he was only 11 weeks old. Oh, he was sooo cute and quickly became the constant companion to our then 1 year old son. He was by far the most gentle and patient dog. Our son used to ride him, body slam him, pull his ears and yank his tail and that dog took it all in stride. He passed two years ago from a cancer. I miss him....

Sarah Pineda

My Mrs. Norris was the best cat ever. She was so smart and loved to snuggle. I can remember the day I got her, I was on vacation and my 4yr old nephew and I went to the SPCA to get a kitten. I was looking at a little grey one. In the next cage over there was this little bundle of orange fluff sticking her paw out reaching for us. This is the one that chose us. When I asked my nephew what we should name her, he said well Mrs. Norris. He had just gotten a stuffed Mrs. Norris from Harry Potter. I wasn't too keen on this name and asked if we could pick another. His reply... Well that's her name and if we call her something else how will she know we are talking to her? Ahh the logic of a 4yr old. She would "help" me craft and would also play Ker-Plunk with my nephew, you know the game that you pull the sticks out and the marbles drop.

Mrs. Norris was with us for 8yrs. She gotten out a few monthes after we moved to the house we live in now. She got out and never came home. A neighbor has a pic of my Mrs. Norris in her back yard, but we still can't find her. It has been over a year and still no sign of her. There is not a day that goes by that we don't keep an eye out for her.

Thanks for the chance to play and share.


Allison F

My favorite pet is my cat Zero. We adopted him when his owner decided to move to China and left him with a roommate that did not want him - I don't know how anyone couldn't. Zero does not know that he is a cat. He loves to talk to everyone, cuddling and having his bum spanked! He is weird, but that's why I love him!


My favorite pet was my cat Piglet -- she was grossly overweight and a bully to our other cat Roo, but she l-o-v-e-d me so much she was irresistable. I had to put her down last year due to kidney failure, and Roo and I just haven't quite gotten used to her being gone...

Cheryl Horton

OMG! I just love your blog, it is absolutely one of my favorites! I always look forward to seeing an e-mail pop up from your site for me to click over to. So thanks for the great inspiration, projects and everyday humor on life. I grew up with a cat we named Puff. He was a huge cat with long gold & white hair, just a big puff ball. But he was like another human in the house. He always knew if you weren't feeling well and would be by your side or lying with you. If you were sad he wused to butt his head against you trying to get you to refocus. He was just amazing and even though I have had cats after him, it's never been the same. Puff died one week before christmas when i was a teenager. Christmas wasn't the same and I swear that for as long as I lived in that house I still saw him walking around or laying in his favorite spot. I still have cats and I love them, but none will ever take the place of my big 'ol Puff.


I have had only one pet--my current dog, Lazarus. She is a beautiful and sweet pure bred mutt. (she has a bit of German Shepherd in her)

We got her from the SPCA in North Carolina, she does not bark, only a occasional whine. She is 15 years old. She is now almost deaf and almost blind--but still is a good hunter (keen nose and well placed fence).

With her age, I know she is on borrowed time, and has served this family well as a loving companion. She has helped me adjust through 3 moves--I hope she has one more as we move this summer.
Thanks for the opportunity to win some super fun stamps!

Judith A. Novak

I am a huge lover of dogs and I'm old so it would be hard for me to pick a "favorite" pet. Zoe is my whippet and you can read about her on my blog. She is my best friend and whippersnapper. Catherine was my last Great Dane and my faithful companion for nearly 13 years. You can also read about her on my blog!


Awwwww!!! Gretal sounds like an amazing animal, Carole!!! And you love her much like I love my Jack Russell Terrier, Daisy. We call her Crazy Daisy, because she is.....well, insane. She is about 5 years old but still behaves like a puppy. She goes bananas when anyone comes to visit and again when they try to leave. She doesn't want anyone to leave....ever!! But she is my baby and she snuggles up with me when I'm watching TV or she'll hang out with my in my craft room. She also sleeps with us in our bed....I know, I know, but we love her. She is like our second child!!!

Thanks for the opportunity to win such an awesome set of stamps!!!

Cathy Anderson

My favorite cat was Kitty, and he was my best friend for 15 years. His real name was SnowBall because he was huge and was snow white, but we never really used that name. Even the vet called him Kitty. Ha! I've always had cats, but Kitty was special. He had such a special personality and was so much fun that my kids and I still talk and laugh about some of his antics. He always seemed to know when I was having a rough spot, and he was a great comfort to me when I lost my Mom.

Thanks for letting us share about our other family members.


Gretel is beautiful and amazing. It's funny how they actually become a part of us. We have 2 dogs, 3 cats, turtles, fish and assorted wildlife - for example bears. It's hard to choose a favorite since I love them all, but I guess I would say Missy. Missy is a tortoise shell cat I adopted a year ago last Christmas. She is totally blind since birth - she's now 3 years old and absolutely my "kindred spirit" IYKWIM - she follows me everywhere like a dog, she sits with me in my chair in my craft room or lays under a small table nearby and waits for me. She has to have her "love time" which includes tummy rubs and kisses daily and as I am sitting here typing this - she is right here with her head on my wrist. You would never know she is blind and I do not know what I would do without her. Thanks for a look into your life and Gretel. Dru

chris mott

That was the sweetest story about Gretel. She sounds like my beloved Brittany, who had a beagle face, and a shepard body...go figure..a mut we picked at our local pound. (and she looks similar) who is in doggie heaven. She traveled all over the world, including Germany, and back again as we were military. We had her before kids, and she was the same way. She did not have a crate, but she was so protective of our kids when they were little. She always provided comfort and love. We miss her dearly. We now have a terrier, who the kids love, but not like our Brittany. Pets add such comfort to us! Thanks for sharing your story. I love the fact that she would nudge you when your little one awoke..Have a fantastic weekend.


I love the doggie couture. Gretel is a very lucky dog.

My sweet one passed away last month. It has really hurt me more than I could possibly imagine.
But Max, was like my baby. I would sneeze, he would get up (or sit up if he was next to me) and look at me. As if he was checking to make sure I was okay. I would say "night night Max" and he too, would run to get into his bed. I had him for a short 6 years. But I still love him. And miss him.
Thanks for sharing your Gretel with me.

Christina Fischer

With four (counting DH, five) kids in the house, there isn't much room for pets... but our newest family member is a gerbil named Sawyer. He was Kyle's freshman biology project, and we HAD to keep him. My little girls just love him! Do you think you could make a gerbil-sized bandana for him?!?!? ;)

Amy D

How can you chose only one? Each has been special in their own way. So here's how I'm going to choose...Seeing Gretel reminds me of my Lucy. She is a mutt. Her mom was a tiny fuzz ball and we never saw her dad. However, she looks like a miniature german shepard. I got her in 1994 when I was in college. She lives at my parents house now but I miss her so much. She has a sweet temperment and loves playing with my kids. Her favorite thing to do is chasing silly old tennis balls.

Lisa Martin

I don't think I can choose one but we had a little dog, Doodle that we got when she was abandoned from the house next door when I was 4. She was such a sweetie and she talked to me to. If I wasn't paying enough attention she would grump at me.
Now we have another great mutt dog,Bonnie that we rescued from the pound for our kids. Well I think we rescued her for my husband and I. She likes the kids but she LOVES us and we feel the same. She is very affectionate and talks and you think she will break her tail and back because she is wagging so hard when we come home.


Your post cracked me up. You seem to have found THE best dog ever, at least the best one for you, your canine soulmate! :-)

Cindy Vernon

My favorite is our little cockatiel Yoshi who is really like a dog. She tweets when our car pulls up, begs for food and puts her head down when she wants head rubs!

Sharon in NE

My present dog, a 9 yr old papillion. He was practically a give away that we discovered in the newspaper when he was 5 years old. His owners felt he had too many issues and were tired of him. His "issues" were the fact that he's scared of everything including his own shadow. He is a perfect companion for me as my office is in our home and I love to pamper. He and a found kitten are best friends, so life is great...until a storm comes. Then his carrier, radio, white noise machine and all go into the master bathroom for the duration of the storm.... ;)

******* *********

My fav. fur baby is an odd looking little dog named Stanlie.
I got him from the animal rescue foundation about 6 years ago. He loves to go to go everywhere with me. He has had a hard live as evidenced by his behavior when we first got him, anytime we would reach down to pet him he would cower and usually wet the floor....I'm guessing his first owner abused him. Thankfully, Stanlie has a great life now where he is pampered and loved and sleeps IN the master bed wtih his owners. Here are all 3 of my fur babies

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