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April 08, 2008


Maria Matter

Too Cute! And I definitely can relate!! I enjoy your creativity!

Jennifer Buck made this for me didn't you?! This is so cute!...and could be me...not that I have a problem or anything ;) So very cute, Carole! I wish I had some to play with! I will have to catch it next time! Love these little cats! Take care and thanks for sharing! :)

Julee T.

This totally made me laugh! I think just one little Sprinkle baby would be enough to evoke the Martini thought bubble. Fabulous card - and I can't wait for clear Sprinkle!!! Oh the places we'll go! :)


Hey I love this card!

Joanne B.

Aaagh! You must have been thinking of me and the FIVE little "sprinkles" I've got running around here.

I need myself a martini thought bubble. I find myself glancing at the clock thinking "nope, not yet five." Icy glass of chardonnay must wait a few more hours for today...

Adorable card as always Carole.

Shannan Teubner

So cute! I love that 'tini thought bubble too!


I literally laughed out loud when I saw your card today! It is absolutely P-E-R-F-E-C-T! Thanks for putting a smile on my face. Now off to go check out the rest of the TCP crew!


Markie's Mom

WOW! I love this card!!!This image is awesome!!!


That thought bubble is a familiar one for many of us, I'm sure... :) LOVE YOUR CARD!!

Dawn Easton

LOL your card made me smile! I love what you did!!! I don't own any TCP images but I'm going to have to get some now...thanks for enabling...haha!


LOVE THIS!! That martini bubble is always drifting in and out of my head!! Fabulous card and I just love the tin too.. Great work.


This is absolutely darling!! With six kids, some days, I can totally relate to mama kitty's thought process there. lol

Leigh O'Brien

Carole...let me know if you need my address again because I know this must be coming to my house to live. I ADORE it!!! And every time you make a card I see a new TCP stamp that I hadn't noticed before and that I now NEED. Way to go, Your Mostfabulousness!


LOVE it...very clever!

Sharon in NE

Oh my goodness!!! I love your creative spin on this!!!!!!! This is so fun. I now need more TCP stamps.

Carolyn King

oh so stinkin cute!!! love this!

Carolyn King

Oh so stinkin cute!!!! Love this!


THIS is ADORABLE!I love all those cats!


This is so stinking cute!!! I love the drink bubble, too funny!!


Oh I just LOVE this! So stinkin' CUTE!

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