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April 05, 2008


Dawn Easton

Fantastic card!!! Love all the colours!


WOW!!! I love how vibrant and sparkly this is!

I keep petting the MS glitter at Michaels when I walk by, maybe this weekend I will bring it home with me!


What a fun and funky card!!!!


I'd hardly call Autism Speaks a fantastic organization. They're widely denounced by the autistic community for promoting intolerance against autistic individuals.


What a great card Carole!!

Shannan Teubner

So cute!


What stunning colours! I simply love it and all your cards. I'll be back to see more of your wonderful creations.


Wonderful card for the sketch, Carole! Adorable!

Diane Lapointe

Cool vibrant colors and card!!

Carolyn King

GREAT card--as always your colors are fantabulous!

Love this and thanks for the info about autism awareness month---will have to pull out my set to play!

Bethany Paull

I love your patterned puzzle pieces! So fun.

Amy Sheffer

Love your card, Carole, with all the bright colors. Great stamps, too!


Love this Carole!! Love the puzzle pieces, the colors, and the fact that it brings attention to Autism Awareness!! Fabulous card!!


This is so bright and cheerful!! Love it!!!

Jennifer Buck

So cute! I always love your color choices. They are so vibrant. This is just adorable! Hope you are doing well. :)


Start writing your acceptance speech and think of all the little people to thank, you've won an award!


Wow - this is gorgeous!! Great colors!


Absolutely awesome!!! So colorful and fun!

Julee T.

Great card! Love those puzzle pieces and the WOW colors. :)

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