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April 15, 2008


Jennifer Buck

These are both adorable! Just love them! TFS and have a great day! :)


You are just too creative, Carole. Really. The exhaust ribbon? Genius!

Leigh O'Brien

YOU are a goofy goofy girl but we love ya!!

I'm thinking the song should be more like "It's Raining Men...Hallelujah!"


I think I should ban the term "sneak-peek" from myself because I always write "sneak-pee" which really isn't something anyone wants to see.

Adorable cards, btw, as always :)

christina fischer

Oh, if I only had one of those margaritas (okay, all three) in my little hands right now! It's five o'clock somewhere, right?!? LOVE that card -- the paper is so perfect with the drinks! I think that stamp is gonna be mine!

The ribbons on the rocket are brilliant -- what a fun card that one is, too!!


The ribbons on your rocket are SO cool! I think I'm going to have to get that set, Ava loves rockets, and I love TCP!


Fabulous card, Carole! I've been meaning to get some TCP stamps, but haven't yet. I will play when I get some! :)


They are both FANTABULOUS!!!


Cute, cute, cute!!! I am lovin' what I have seen from this set!


Can you believe I'm actually home in time to comment? Both cards are too cute! I don't have any TCP stuff yet. . .maybe I need to venture over. . .

Ally in Canada

That is the cutest concept ever!!! Love it!!

Marie Donnelly

Carole, I am LMAO! ....check ignition and may God's love be with you......
I enjoy your creations so much. And it's a bonus that what you write is as fun as the pictures. I laugh a lot when I read your blog. Thanks!

Lori Barnett

cute set!! It's totally me!! I think of the Jetsons and that was in my day :) ha! LOVE the creations. Gonna go check out the other girls stuff too! Thanks for sharing and for the cute story

Linda Marie



Both of these cards are fabulous, but I keep coming back for the witty banter, you are hilarious!!!

Jen Harrison

You are so funny, lol. Awesome cards.


These cards are awesome!!!


Love the rocketship!!

Cheri Mosgrove

Oh, the rocket card is just too cute! I love the "exhaust"!

Julie Hughes

love the rocket

Diane McKissick

I like both cards but since I have a daugther who just turned 21 this year I prefer the first card. I send her these theme card often w/ "Mommy advice" inside about personal safety and responsible behavior as a young adult. Rule #1 - Never drink & drive! etc.
Love you blog and creativity.

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