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May 19, 2008



Where would I like to go? Bratislava (Slovak Rep) and Vienna! My dad grew up in Bratislava, and I would love to see the area that he grew up in, through his eyes.

Angela (SCS monkeymama)

Thanks for the chance to win the "Blog Bon Bon"? I would love to go to Africa and see firsthand some of the fabulous animals and to learn more about their culture! I work with a girl who grew up there.


I so enjoy your witty, clever blog posts -- though this may be my first time posting... Congratulations on your publications! A trip to Ireland is on MY list... Fingers crossed!

Kathy Tabbers

I have always wanted to go to Greece. I think it's the pictures of the water that do it for me. I'd love to just jump right in.

You'll love Holland. My husband is from there and his whole family lives there so we visit quite often. A totally different way of life. Have fun when you finally get there!


I loved the movie Under the Tuscan I would love to go there...

kim howard

I would absolutely love to visit Ireland and Paris. I've never been out of the country and all the pictures I see make me want to jump a plane to visit.

Julie Miller

There are quite a few places I want to go, but I would have to say the main one is Greece, it's part of my heritage. Thanks. ~Julie


Right now I would love to visit Fiji or the Bahamas. Some place with one of those little cabana thingy's out on your own private dock on your own private beach. KID FREE!!!! AHHHHHHHHH!!! Congrats on the cards!!!


I would love to visit Italy or Spain. I have also never been to NYC and I really want to go. The next vacay we go on, though will be to Utah so I can see my sister and try out snowboarding (I'm taking reservations now-Who wants to sign my cast?).

Nancy French

I would love to go spend sometime in one of those luxery cabins in Virginia in the fall!

Sarah Bolt

I would LOVE to travel to Italy.. I've learned the language for the past 4 years and it would be fun to put it to use. It would also be kewl to get proposed to in Italy, but we won't push that too much! :)

Michelle M. (mcstamperNE)

Congratulations on being published in Stamper's Sampler! I have always wanted to go to Egypt to see the pyramids and the other ancient monuments. Thanks for all the inspiration you provide. I visit your blog all the time, but I think this is the first time I have posted.

Michelle Shuman

I love reading your blog! It just cracks me up (and that yogurt one from the other day was too funny...)

I have been ALL OVER the United States, but never outside of it, so this is a hard pick for me, but I'm going to have to go with Turkey. An odd choice, I know, but at the moment, my brother is there serving in the AF, and I've always been interested in it for the amazing architecture there (Istanbul was Constantinople, you know!). Since it was the crossroads between Europe and the Middle East, it has TONS of culture, and it has that amazing Mediterranean thing going on, too. So, I'm putting my vote in for Turkey. ;o)

Keep up the great blog! It always gives me a lift, and inspiration to boot!

~Michelle :o)

Karen O

Too many places to name- but Scotland and Australia are super high on my list :)

Kim Lenhart

I wanna go to one of those cool carribean blue places...where the hut is right out in the middle of the water...and not a kid in sight!


Congrats on being published! There are so many places I want to visit but I think New Zealand is on the top of the list. Thanks for the chance to play! This set is actually sitting in my cart right now. Just trying to give myself a few days so I can justify all my buying lately!


congrats on being published!!! that is awesome, I am so excited for for where i'd rather be right now (o.k. u said visit, but if i am going, i cant promise i'd come back) someplace warm like the carribean, where u can enjoy sandy beaches, drinks w/an umbrella in it and a cabana boy to wait on me day or night!

Maria Matter

Wow, congrats on being published, now you can put one of those "Places I'm published!" on your side bar! How exciting!
I would love to go to Italy, seems so romantic!!!!

Andrea Murdock

sorry, just had to put down my yoghurt to write an answer- been eating it by the bucket since yesterday's post. I would love to see Scotland- stand on the windy moors and have a gorgeus Scottish lad try to win my hand only for me to utter to him some devasting news- I'm sorry my dear, I have already found my true love.

I may have spent a lot of time thinking about going to Scotland, can you tell hee hee.

Julie Temple

CONGRATS on being published! I am new to the blogging world ( reading at this point...maybe wrting someday...) and LOVE your work! I can see easily why you have been published.
I would LOVE to visit Australia. Into the Outback for me...with a gorgeous Crocodile Dundee at my guide me!

Amanda Angert

I'd love to go to Germany. I was born there but left when I was just shy of 2 so I'd like to go back and see where I was born. DH just wants to go b/c he loves beer ;-)


I would love to go to New Zealand! or back to St Lucia were my husband and I honeymooned--it was heavenly there!!

Congratulations on your publications!! That's so exciting and very well deserved!

Linda Marie

Congratulations on getting 2 cards published! I would celebrate by buying more stamps! I would love to go to Israel.


I would love to visit Poland to learn more about where my grandparents lived as children. I am learning of the rich heritage I have through stories from my mother and father. It would be a wonderful experience to go and see first hand where they lived.
CONGRATS on being published! I love your blog!
Jill W.
Jill Wright


I would love to visit Italy someday.

Deb Neerman

I've always wanted to visit Germany and Eastern Europe but if I had the chance to go to Australia or New Zealand, I'd be off like a prom dress!!

Loved the yogurt-thingie yesterday, too funny!

Well, I'm off to go buy yogurt now; thanks for the chance to win!

~Hugs, Deb
[email protected]


There are tons of places I want to go, but if I could take off to somewhere fabulous tomorrow, I would have to see Rome.


Okay..if it is in the "states" I would love to visit the Carolinas. I have never been in that area.

If I am going out of this country, it would be Greece. My hubby is Greek-has been and I would LOVE to go.
Or on a cruise. Or....(hee hee) I have not been on a vacation in 14 years-yep! you read correctly. So ANYWHERE would be great with me!

Or I would love to tour the states going to every stamping place there is! ;)

Denise Morgans

Hi, I would love to go to Canada or New Zealand as they seem so clean and peaceful and calming. None of the hustle and bustle for me. Thanks for offering fab blog bon bon. Lots of love, Denise x

Paula Kay

I want to go to Australia. My husband has been on business and now that he has almost retired, I want to go also.....


I would love to visit Italy (the food, the romance) or Paris (aahh the French men!lol)

Thank you for the chance to win! Congratulations on your publication!!!



Congrats on getting published! - I've always dreamed of going to Ireland for some reason. Also my hubby and I would like to take a cruise to Alaska someday as well.


Honestly, I have been lucky to have visited a few of my dream places in the world. At the moment, a dream trip for me would be a car trip with someone willing to take me from state to state, many of whom I have only driven through, so I can meet many of my SCS friends. Not a very exotic dream, I know, but wow would it be a trip of a lifetime.

Janet Sisk

Congrats on getting published!!! My "gotta go before I die" place is Norway. I am full-blooded Norwegian and the only full Norwegian grandchild my dad's parents had. My dad went several years ago and brought back the most amazing pictures of the Fjords. I just gotta go someday for sure. Thanks for the chance for some awesome blog candy!

Sheri Danielson

I want to go to the Swiss Alps to find Heidi. That was my favorite book when I was a kid. I can still picture her on the side of that mountain.


Becky P.

I love your blog, it puts a smile on my face everyday. I would love to take a two week rafting trip down the grand canyon. There are hot springs you can only get to by boat.


The historian in me appreciates your post title! I want to go to Europe (I don't even care where) and drink in some history (esp. since I live in a town that is only 100 years old)...

OK...maybe I don't want to go to Albania...

Monika  in VA, USA

Dream vacations! Hummmm, I have so many places that I'd love to see, since I've only ventured as far away as the Caribbean. But I think #1 on the list would be Germany. My mother is from there & I'd love to see where that side of my family comes from.

If I weren't so chicken (& such a spoiled American) ~ I'd love to see the ruins in Cambodia (I think that is where they are ~ I saw a display in a museum once) the way nature has enveloped the 'lost' cities is breath-taking... but I ramble...

Congratulations on your stamping success(es)!!! & thanks for the opportunity to enjoy some sweet Bon Bons...


Congrats on your publication pieces and good for us for the chance at t'riffic blog candy! So ... where to go? I'd like to try Myrtle Beach!


France or on France, my husband in Barbados.


I want to travel to Italy, there are many areas I want to see, but
I must go and see Terracina. They say it is the gateway of the sun and the sea is so clear of light and pastel shades that even at night you can see these colors.


Kelly L (aka Littlekel90)

Wow, congrats on the publications!! :) That is great news. Thanks also for the chance to win some blog bon bons. I so enjoy your witty humor, but I don't stop by to comment often. I read your blog on my Google Reader. As for my places to visit, they too are many, but I think first and foremost would be a little bit closer to home -- as in Hawaii. I have never flown (scared to death of heights and more importantly falling from them), but for a *lai* I think I would risk it. LMBO ;) Kel

Sandy Heringer

Thanks for the chance to win your Blog Bon Bon! I would love to go to Costa Rica! My husband's brother lives there and everyone says it is beautiful. I would love to go in January when it is cold and frigid here in Montana!


Congrats on your publication!!
There are many places I would love to visit but I have to say
Australia is top on my list..


Congratulations on being published in Stamper's Sampler! I've always wanted to go to Italy, Venice to be exact. A ride on a gondola sounds so romantic. I can dream can't I?

kathy amstutz

Blog bon bon, huh? I'd LOVE to win it! I want to go to New York City, and all places surrounding. I'm a California native and have hardly been out of the state! There is so much history in New York; my Dad's family came to the U.S through Ellis Island, so I want to go there and a billion other places, too. I'd love to take a subway ride and eat something wonderful from a sidewalk vendor.....oh! AND see Taylor Hicks on Broadway this year!


We would love to visit New Zealand...WITHOUT the kids. LOL



Congrats on being published girl! That is AWESOME! I'm so excited for you! As for where I'd love to vacation...hands down Austrailia! I'd love to see it there! Now for this color challenge? we have to use Verve stamps or will any stamps do? I love this yummy color combo. Thanks for the chance! {SMILES}


Bora Bora looked like an absolutely wonderful place to visit when I saw a show on it on the travel channel. The little huts at the Hotel Bora Bora sit right out in the water and are so elegantly decorated with fresh flowers. Just one of those exotic places on my "to go to" list.


I love this great country of ours and before I go traipsing off to a different one (although there are many places I'd love to see outside the US too) I want to see Alaska, the Grand Canyon, the Mall of America (there must be a scrapbook store there), the Statue of Liberty and the Grand Ol' Oprey. I would also love to see ALL of the Nascar race tracks! :)


Congrats on your publications! I went to Amsterdam/Belgium last summer and you have to go! The people in Holland are so friendly and welcoming and they speak English impeccably! It was such a nice trip. I would love to go to Portugal - drive down the coast and eat seafood caught straight from the ocean!

Tami Grandi

I would love to win this set! Traveling is one of my all time fave things to do. I have been to Greece and Romania but the two places (because I really can't pick just one) would be a trip to England/Scotland and Australia! Thanks for the chance.

Ann I.

I would love to go to Europe and visit Italy and Paris. And while I'm out being "world" traveler stop off in Holland again. So many places to visit and so little $$..

Melissa Bendabout

Hands down, I want to go to Greece!!!

I love your work, your bright colors always make my day.

cindy Vernon

I would love to win! I have been many places but I would love to visit Fiji or Australia. They're on the other side of the world so I will have to wait until my little one(s) get bigger!


Oh there are so many places that I would love to visit..I've been thinking a lot about this I would love to start traveling just to see more of this wonderful world of ours. First on my list would probably be the Promise Land. Thanks so much for the chance to win.


I soooo would love to go to Europe!! I've been to London, but never had time to go to Europe. I just wanna go sightseeing, learn a new culture and just bask in the new environment :) Thanks for the chance!

Michele F

Congrats on your first publication. How exciting!
Thank you for the chance to win. I'd love to visit China. I am just enchanted by the history and folklore. I really would like to walk the Great Wall and see the Forbidden City. It would be incredible to experience the modern culture with the amazing history.

Linda SS

Since I'm 1/2 Italian, I've always wanted to go to Italy and see where my grandparents and family came from. I had the opportunity a year ago but was not well enough to travel so had to pass it up:( How exciting that your cards will be in that magazine next month!!! CONGRATS.


Congrats Carole, how very cool! Well I would also love to go to Holland (my mom's family is Dutch) but since you said that, I think I'll go with Egypt. I so want to stand in awe of the Great Pyramids and check out the Sphinx. And as long as I've traveled all the way to Africa, I may as well hop on down to Kenya for a safari!

Kim Ross

Congratulations on having your first two pieces published! Isn't it a delightful feeling?

I have a whole list of places I haven't been yet, but want to visit. At the top of my list is Alaska. Can't wait!!

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