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May 28, 2008


Christina Fischer

I was just over at Michele's blog, and I have to say there couldn't be a better pair than you two!! I love what you did with the stamp and paper -- great card! :)


I had so much fun with this Carole!! (Hilarious that we named our posts the same thing!!! HA!) I love what you did with the image and paper!! I love the circle and sentiment! And the distressing and the little doo-dads in the corner!! How fun! I can't wait to do this again! (And I am not a hot-snot stamper and you NEVER look like a cold booger! Ewww, btw.)

Shannan Teubner

OMG Carole this is awesome! I love the worn edges and the sanded spots. Love it!

Kendra Giles

i love everything about this card, especially the way you cut up the sentiment - just wonderful!


Congrats, Carole...Michele is one cool dudette, and you ain't so shabby yourself!



This is awesome!! What a fun challenge, I'll be looking forward to it for sure!


You should put a warning in the title of your post if you are going to call yourself a cold booger from now on because I almost choked on my coffee!!!! Hahahahaha! I'm going to be chuckling about that all day long!

Excellent job Carole!

Many Blessings,


Congrats to you!!! I can't wait to see what you ladies do next month!!! The colors are so bright & cheery!!! I also love that YUMMO ribbon!!! :D


Just love the card...very cute. I also like your philosophy of accepting a challenge....YOU GO!

Carolyn King

Why did she pick YOU???--because you rock my friend (aka cold booger!)! I LOVE what you both came up with. What a fun challenge and I will look forward to it each month!

Dawn Easton

Fabulous card Carole! Can't wait to see what you each do every month!

Bethany Paull

Cu-ute! Love the cut up sentiment and circle.


Your card is fantasitc!!! I love that image and sentiment!! Awesome!!

Bonnie aka raduse

Oh my gosh Carole, that sentiment is just too funny. I love it!!


Congrats, Carole! Yes, Michele is one hot stamper, but you're no 'cold booger' -lol! You can hold you own with the best of ' fact you ARE one of the best of 'em!

Fun card! ;)

Sarah Bolton

What a fun idea!! I just love the pattern paper. So colorful and summery! :)

P.s I got the stamps (thanks!) and I already posted some cards I made with them!

Michelle Shuman

omg, your blog makes me literally LAUGH OUT LOUD every time I read it! I have to remember to thank my friend Mel again for sending me your link so many months ago...

I {LOVE} your card! It's so fun and beachy and summer-ish ;o) Really, really need to get some Bellas when my self-imposed buying embargo is up...

Thanks for the fun and the inspiration!

~Michelle :o)

Maria Levine

What a fun idea!!! Your card is simply fabulous!

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