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May 13, 2008



ROTFLMBO!!!! Carole, you are too much!

Poor least she'll be able to console herself sitting on the beach, laying under the sun.


Love how you incorporated those notecards I sent you Carole! Fun and colorful!


Leigh better not be drinking a beverage when she reads this cuz she's gonna die laughing!'re too funny! Love what you did with Ronnie!


Christina Fischer

I don't know what brings me back here time after time -- your amazing creations or the accompanying stories!! It's a toss-up! ;)

LOVE Ronnie and his sparkly, sprinkly ensemble -- just too much!

Leigh O'Brien

Well...way to just knock me down, Carole, and Bill was so looking forward to wearing his Sprinkle cowboy hat, pink sparkly vest, and lime green plaid chaps while we got 'reaquainted' on our vacation. I picked it all out especially for him!! Back to the drawing board....

chris mott

You are such a riot. I love Leigh's blog too. WOW he is sparkly..great job..she can take him to Broadway...for sure...Have a fabulous week! Chris

karrie baker

Okay, I almost just pee'd my pants from laughing so hard!!! LOLOL


OMGosh you are so funny!! Poor heartbroken Leigh...! Love the card. :-)


Oh my god, I am crying!! You are too hilarious!!! Your card is GOR-GEOUS!!!

Kathy D

Oh, Carole! Sunshine House t-shirts?! What a blast from the past! What street was that store on in Ocean City? I know my Sunshine House t was orange with long sleeves.


Oh Mylanta, girl, you crack-me-up! I have a secret stamping crush on Leigh, but I've never told her...ah, the scandal in the stamping world, eh?!


Dawn Easton

I sooooooooo love visiting your blog for the creations and commentary...rofl!
Your card is super cute and love the paper piecing. Adorable little dude!
Thanks, now I'm going to be singing that song all day....

Jennifer Buck

Ok...this is a flippin riot! Still laughing! What an adorable card! I can understand her confusion...he's adorable. In fact, I have him on the way to my house at this very moment! Can't wait to play! ;) Thanks for sharing and bringing a smile to my face, Carol! You rock! Take care and have a wonderful day! :)


Bwahahahahaha! I am ROFL over this post!!! Love the card too, of course! ;)

Linda L Bien

This is just too funny!! I called my daughter (susiestampsalot) to MAKE SURE she got it!! She did and we both had a chuckle on the phone about this. I'm so glad I got to meet you in Arlington!! And thank you so much for my pens thru the door prize!! I love them.

Carolyn King

ROTHFL!!! just glad you are picking on someone else for a change!

Awesome card--love the colors, sparkle and pizzaz it has! So carolesque! Love it!

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