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May 20, 2008


Dawn Easton

Oh my Carole! This card is FANTASTIC~! haha! thanks for the memories....

Kristi (kmallett78)

What a fun challenge! I hope I get to play :)


Such hostility towards Carol and the rest of the Brady's. Are you sure you are all right. Very cute card by the way.


That's too funny, I thought at first look you were making it based on Hollywood Squares! Same thing, I guess. Thanks for the inspiration!

Julee T.

This card is DA BOMB, Carole! I absolutely love it! Now I'll be singing the Brady Bunch theme song all day. :)


WOWZERS! This is fabulously creative! Love it!!

Linda Marie

LOL! What a fun & creative card. Brilliant!!


This is Way too Fun Carole!!! I love your theme!!! And all your questions....they are worth giving some thought for sure...Hmmmmm


Mrs. Brady - I think you nailed it!!

Christina Fischer

Heehee -- I LOVE this!!! I now have a slideshow of Brady episodes running through my head, and all I can hear is "Oh, my nose!"


What a FUN card, Carole! I love how you made Marsha Sprinkle taller than Jan Sprinkle, and Greg Poochie taller than Peter Poochie. And there is Fifi Alice, caught in the middle of the whole family!

This was a tricky challenge. I had ideas, but not the stamps to execute those ideas. I finally settled down and made a card, based on a classic sitcom:
Here 'tis:

Pretty sad results, but at least I had fun creating it!

Jennifer Buck

How fun! TFS...I hope I get to play! :)

Nancy French

OK - this definitely was a challenge - I can't tell you how many times I had to cut the pieces of Sprinkle's costume out! But, it was fun, so here's mine:


Carole... thanks for the trip down memory lane. I love that show. :)

And your card is adorable. I love the shade of the blue too.

chris mott

OMG this is so fun and hilarious. Love the of my favorites growing up...Love all the cat styles

Holly Powers

Carole - This one was fun and challenging especially since I don't have a lot of the stamps yet. But it turned out cute.


I love coming to your blog because every single one of your posts makes me LOL!! I love the meat grinder comment, classic!!


Love your card, too funny! I hope to play this tonight - although, I just realized my idea may not fit the challenge bc it's not really a "sitcom" - DARN IT!!! Well I may stick with that idea anyway bc I'm not sure I can think up another...

Angela (SCS monkeymama)

Carole, what a great card; you're so creative! Here's my entry:
Mine is based on Doogie Houser M.D.---Doogie=Doggie! Complete with library clips to resemble surgical clamps! Thanks for the fun!


Hi Carole! Thanks so much for the fun challenge! This challenge really made me think and I had a blast participatig! Here is a link to my challenge card.



Here's mine! It's late, but it's still Saturday night!! :-)

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