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June 28, 2008


Susan Liles (susiestampalot)

my sentiments exactly!! that irked me, too! i just gave up on that thread. i think i'll mention something on my blog like you did here and link your article, k?

Christina Fischer

Sneeze on, my friend!!!! I agree with you completely! :)

Love your card, BTW -- great take on the sketch, and the colors are terrific!

Amy Sheffer

GREAT post, Carole!!! And I love your card, too :)

Christie Ortman

Love your card Carole!! Great color combo and layout!!!


Carole, I visit your blog because you are a talented stamper and writer. I think you could stamp simple black squares on a card and still make it look stunning! For that reason, I will always pop in on your blog. Of course, the fact that you design for stamp companies that I like, likey! I come here for inspiration and that's that. Thanks for all you do, your design team gigs and your most recent 'dirty girl' status! You wouldn't have any of these achievements if you didn't work hard for them. Enough gushing on my part....



Your blog always makes me laugh out loud-- in a good way! If something is a turn off to some, then they have the option to close that page and not re-visit! It's that simple.
Love that ribbon on your card!

Patty J

I truly appreciate all those who share creative work via blogs. Your "sneezes" and those of other talented people is the reason that I keep surfing blogs AND buying new stamps. Thank you for sharing your opinion as well.


Boy do I feel like an idiot! I've been playing along with Jen's sketches the last two weeks because I thought *I* was "Amy"...oops, I just realized it's *the* talented Amy Sheffer...big oopsie! Hope I'm not in trouble...

Embarassed in WI!

Charmaine Ikach

Oh how fabulous! I LOVE those colors and that top!

Pat J

You didn't need to defend yourself but you did a good job of it. One of the reasons I spend so much time 'listening' to you girls is the cheerleading! There's nothing like enthusiasm and it spreads, thank goodness. The only problem I have is getting tired just imagining what all you girls do...with jobs, family, and yet getting all that stamping done! Never fails to amaze me. Keep up the good work!

cathy tidwell

Well, I guess I look at ones on design teams a bit different...they INSPIRE me, and I thank you for that. And isnt that what you are suppose to do? 'Sneeze' for these companies? LOL! To me, You are a 'salesman' for their products, and are to represent them in the best light....and if anyone has the time to be on 10 designs team, I say more power to them and more inspiration for me! LOL!! Because most do their BEST work for the team!

Anyways, you are a fantastic card artist, and I will continue to visit you blog and pass out tissue to others...haha!

Harriet Skelly

I don't usually comment on your (or mostly anyone's) blog but I visit daily for the inspiration from your cards and good laugh I get when I read your entry! Don't change - it is wonderful! and THANK YOU!


You have such a way with words, and I love it! Sometimes I wish we lived just down the road from one another because you sound like such a fun chic to hang with (or properly said...with which to hang)! LOL As always, I love your card, but I think the thing that really reels me in to your blog is your writing. Your style is funny, informative, and you always get your point across.

I love the bit about true! We all do it, whether or not we're on a design team; it's only natural to tell others about fantastic gadgets and gizmos that you run across, and if you're on a DT, the idea is to market the products. :) So keep's catching!

Alicia Weiman

Wonderful card! I especially love the colors and that is one of my favorite embossing folders! I had to read your part about "sneezing" twice to soak in what was talked about on a thread. I guess my take on design teams is that it is an "opportunity" to get the best of the best to see how a particular company's stamps, embellishments, paper, etc can be used in so many different ways. Blogging, stamping, scrapbooking is all for "fun" in my book and when we start getting stressed because we aren't getting noticed, then it's turned into a serious "game" of sorts and then it becomes...not so fun...! This is probably my longest blog post ever, but it struck me funny when someone is asking to share the wealth instead of "earn it" like all of you great designers have.

I along with a lot of other fans love reading your are very talented and so funny! Thanks for sharing your wonerful ideas.

Julee T.

I don't think this issue is exclusive to design teams... it's exclusive to humanity. We like to tell others about the things we like (or don't like) - whether it's me gushing about the uber cool free retro glasses at McDonalds, an SU! demo gushing about the products for their next stamp camp, or a DT member showing an awesome creation they made for a DT. I think from what I read on the thread that the public is a little misinformed as to who an average DT member is. Sounds like a few of the "discussers" felt more like DT members are little Stepford Stampers who don't have to work, have husbands who take care of the kids and spend their days basking in the fullness of all their amazing new gadgets and gizmos while effortlessly pumping out masterpieces. Wouldn't that just be the life? Instead, DT members are just regular peeps who often have jobs, families, and full time lives on top of stamping. They have parents who are getting old, family members who are sick or have extended illnesses, and they often struggle financially. They are asked to do an incredible amount of work for their DT's, which takes time away from their loving families. If the OP had any idea the hours and commitments that go along with being on a DT, as well as the life struggles many of you face while putting on a happy face for the public, I'm sure their jealousy would quickly turn to the awe I have for every single member of my DT. Okay, I'm turning in my soap box now. :)

Bonnie aka raduse

Well Carole, I have to say your sneezing is infectious just like your bubbly personality and total craziness at release time. :) Keep up the great work and passing the "germs". :)

cheryl Horton

Sneeze on, girlfriend! Although I understand what the OP is saying, your talent is worth sharing. I visit your blog becuase of your DT work and your incredible creativity and sense of humor about everyday life. So I'm okay with it all! Never fear sneezes are wanted here! :)

Laurie Hunt

Okay, now you have rattled my nerve! If that person spent more time answering Design Team calls, submitting work and blogging, she might get on a Design Team. And furthermore, you said she even admitted that she was not sure she was ready, so she seems less than confident in her own abilities. What I love is a confident woman, that knows what she likes, knows what she is good at and goes for it. The amount of time that you folks put in on multiple DT's, card making, blogging, in general keeping us voyeurs busy watching what you do is astounding to me. So I say, hold your head high, be proud of your product and keep doing the great job you are doing. Don't be a sissy woman now and feel all guilty and certain that that lady was writing about you -- men don't ever feel like they are the loser that everyone is talking about around the coffee pot, I don't know why we do. So, know this, I AM talking about you and I like you. I like that you are sassy, funny, at times walking the line (don't pretend you don't know which line I am talking about) keep up the good work or I will just have to move on an peep into someone else's window (metaphorically speaking -- don't be drawing the blinds any tighter tonight!) You do a great job on so many fronts -- chillax and know she was certainly talking about someone else! I feel better, how 'bout you!?!

Heather Rolin

Carole! Absolutely super fabu card! The details, colors/coloring are just too perfect! LOVE it!

Laurie in MN

I can't get over how you found ribbon that perfectly matches the card colors unless you chose the ribbon first. Which was first, the chicken or the egg? LOL

Sneezing - interesting term.

Michelle M. (mcstamperNE)

Sneeze away, Carole! I love your blog and don't think you are heavy-handed about your DT stuff at all. I really like your "Serenity now!" card. I especially like all the different textures you used.


First, I love your card, I love your creativity, and I love how you write! I'm a lurker, and really ought to comment more, but I totally love your style.

Second, I've followed that post on SCS and I have to say I agree with you one hundred percent! If the "sneezing" bugs me, I get over it, they love it and have the right to gush! If it's a product that I like, it doesn't bother me one bit! I'm happy to be enabled! My husband's feelings are another story ... :).


You go girl!! I don't think anyone could have said it better. I personally take pride in all the design team opportunities I have had, and even though all but one were just for a little while, I still try to promote them to the best of my ability, not because I was "bought" but because I love them. If you go to my blog you would think that Paper Pretties has thrown up all over it, but isn't that what it is for, to share what you love!!! You rock, don't change!!


You are amazing!!


You can sneeze on me anytime girlfriend, I love your posts! I was upset with that thread too...


What a yummy card! I just adore that set....and then you used that fantastic combo with some gorgeous ribbon! I confess...I might have drolled a bit when I saw it!
Feel free to gush! I find it completely normal and comforting, being a bit of a gusher myself. If you start a Proud to Gush Bloggers Association sign me up! :-)


Bless you! Love your cards and babble!! Aachooo!

Karen Sullivan

great thoughts on that general stamping post you saw. I'm not on a design team and don't share her thoughts at all - some people think things just fall into other's laps and don't realize all the work and dedication involved in being on a design team or getting published. anyway - your rebuttal to her argument was spot on!

Dawn Easton

LOL...girl you crack me up....excuse me while I sneeze ;)


As always, your way with words is fantastic. The sneezing obviously doesn't bother me. I gush about things all the time - sadly it's mostly for stuff that I just love and I get nothing out of it (if only the Stickles people would read my blog and send me a lifetime supply...!).


PS... LOVE your yoga card!!! Man I just HAD TO have that set when it came out, I informed my DH he was getting it for me for Valentine's day and ordered it myself... and yet it is now July and the poor thing has never seen the light of day in my stamp room...!!!!!!!!

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