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June 11, 2008



Well welcome back!!! Geez I wish stamping would take me into the depths of some God forsaken land with wine and food and ladies named Helga!!
Beautiful cards Carole!! Love them!

Julee T

Oh, if only I could be abducted - the secrets I could, I mean keep! LOL Love your cards Carole. Even the Filigree one is just beautiful, despite your hubby's comment. I love the layout and the lineup of the filigrees. Can't wait to read your answers to the Verve-iview. :)

Michelle (mybelle101)

You poor thing! If you can't handle another abduction, just call me...I'm good at keeping secrets, and I'd withstand some 'torture' for stampkind ;o)

I think you're right about the second card...a thin black mat would have made it pop, but c'est la vie, no? Not typical 'you' cards, but it's good to stretch a bit every once in a while, right? :o)

Love your blog and your cards...besides being a great artist, you are FUNNY!! and your blog is a blast to read...keep it up, and keep the faith this weekend ;o)


JoAnn Burnham

Glad you are back and survived such great "torture". Good for you. Both cards are beautiful. Enjoy reading your blog.


And to think I was worried about you! LOL! Sounds like my kind of "torture"! And love the cards, even if they aren't necessarily your style!


Girl, you constantly crack me up! Lovin' your sob story, but I'm not buyin' it one bit! I know what you were really up to, winky wink!

Hey, you're heading to Chicago, eh? Oh how I'd love to sissy lives north of Chicago, so I'm trying to figure out how I can fanagle (I know I didn't spell that correctly, but I'm too lazy to look it up or spell check it!) my way down there since it's only 6 hours away...hmmm...thinking.



Both of these are absolutely GORGEOUS Carole!!! LOVE the colors of both of them, and the images are awesome!!! Love, love, love these!!!!

Christina Fischer

I'm so glad you survived your abduction! I wish someone would abduct me and take me to the middle of nowhere, too!

I love your cards! Even before I read your commentary on the first one, I thought how "earthy" it was -- and I'm a big fan of "earthy"!!! Love the subtle colors on your second card, too -- both are just beautiful! :)

Carolyn King

beautiful cards---worth the torture you had to endure!!!

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