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June 16, 2008



Carole I couldn't be happier for you, this is so well deserved! I've actually wondered why it's taken them so long to ask you, I think I predicted you becoming a Dirty Girl over a year ago on my blog! (back when I just idolized you from afar, lol!) Have lots and lots of fun the next 6 months, we all can't wait to see what you create!! Cute ATCs too!


wow congrats!! that is so exciting.

Mary Jo Price-Williams

Congratulations, I was so excited to see it this morning when I check the gallery. I have not had too much time to go through yet but I am sure your samples are stupendous! They always are, you truly deserve this. Have fun.

Jenn Balcer

And here I was singing, "Dress You Up in My Love". . .thanks for "Borderline" (rolling eyes)!

And hey. . . I'm watching you. . . . no leaks! LOL! We're so happy to have you!

Carolyn King

I knew you were dirty the first minute I "fake" met you!lol!
Congrats girl!!!! ((((Carole))))

mj albright

I am so happy for you Carole. You're amazing!!!! I always knew you were a little dirty:)


congratulations, you totally deserve this limelight! so sad I can't afford my fan club right now (darn all those great stamps that come out EVERY month - they depleted my bank account & I am not about to go in debt) so I have to patiently wait to sell some cards, some sets or do more SU! workshops so I can catch up! I'm sure you're going to do the fan club (and the coordinators/fellow dirty gals? good!

Linda L Bien

WOW!!! I feel truly honored to know such a dirty lady!!! You are fab!!!
Linda Bien


CONGRATULATIONS, you so deserve it!!


FAbulous card and congrats on your new appointment!!! They are lucky to have you!


Congrats on becoming a Dirty Dozen! You will fit write in with your creative and insipiring talent.

Terri Musser

Congratulations.. Very well deserved!

Alexandra Hobson

Congrats to you - I was over on Carolyn's blog and read the news and thought I would come over and tell you how fabulous that is!! You are fabulously talented and I love your dog cards - too cute! *STAMPIN HUGS* Alex

Laura (scrapnextras)

Congrats Carole! You have definitely earned your spot on the DD are so incredibly talented! It's about time you graced them with your presence!!

kim lenhart

Congrats!! You deserve it, your designs and creations are wonderful!

kathy amstutz

Congratulations! I've only been following your blog for about a month but I surely see why you were chosen!

nicky manel

I am so excited and thrilled for you Carole, Congrats. Love your Blog and your cards.



Karen O

I love your blog and your stamping; so, I have to agree this is well-deserved :)

Laurie Hunt

congratulations!!! You so deserve this honor. I look forward to seeing what you will add to the dirty gallery!

Erika H.

Congratulations, are so deserving of the Dirt Pile...I am amazed by your creations.

Michelle M. (mcstamperNE)

I love these swap cards, and how cool is it that you have a stamp of YOUR dog?

Becky G

Well it's bout time! *grin*
Congrats Carole! I knew you were dirty the minute I met you!

Joanne B

I am so excited for you getting dirty and all! I knew you'd end up over there, you're so madly talented.

Sorry I've been M.I.A. lately. My laptop died, and I'm sharing a computer with the boys, its down the basement and just WAY out of the way hard to blurf without my trusty laptop right at my fingers throughout the day.

However, new disk drive is on the way, and I'll be back to my normal chatty self soooon!

Joanne B

How could I forget!! I totally ADORE this ATC and I'm so excited that its making its way to my house soon. I can't wait to see what you all have created, that was such a fun assignment!

Christina Fischer

Even though I left you some congrats in the DD gallery, I HAD to come by and leave some more here! I am so excited for you -- you are SO deserving! Aaaaahhhhh, to be a Dirty Girl... that would be a dream come true!!! Enjoy every moment -- I can't wait to see what you have in store for us! :)

Dawn Easton

Congrats Carole! I've been waiting for you to announce it! See my Queenie
Can't wait to see what you come up with!
Your TCP card is awesome...fab job on that ribbon!

Michelle (mybelle101)

HOW COOL IS THAT?? Ok, I have to go check out the DD Gallery NOW ;) Carole, you *totally* rock, and I'm more surprised that you haven't already been a dirty girl...super huge congrats!!


Julie Masse

HUGE Congrats Carole!! Couldn't happen to a more deserving stamper!! SO Happy for you!!! :)

Rose Ann

Wooo hooo!! Congratulations, Carole!!! You sooo deserve this!!! Can't wait to see all of your "dirty" work!!

Leslie Miller

Congratulations, Carole! No surprise--I could see this coming a mile away and it's so well deserved. I love your fearless style! I've got a good guess who one of the new Dirties might be...just a guess but I wait and see. Enjoy!


So super cute,and congrats on getting dirty, it's right where you SHOULD be!!!


How did I not comment on this??? Well, as I've now said 100 times at least...CONGRATULATIONS on being dirty!!! Wait...that didn't come out right. Congratulations on topping the pile! Nope, that didn't sound right either...well, crap, you get the drift.


CONGRATULATIONS!!!!!! I'm sure you're going to wow the socks off of us - now I have to get over and check out the DD gallery - I've been too swamped to check it out yet! :( Thanks too for your sweet post on my blog. I am at Altus (we're Air Force) but only through about the end of July and then we will move to Delaware for about 4 years. I'm enjoying OK though - I haven't been around such nice people in a while now - it's refreshing. Take care, and congrats again!!!

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