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June 30, 2008



Oh my gosh! I LOVE your wine label!! What a great idea! I like that we both pieced the dress and used different patterns (and both like white-not-necessarily-Chardonnay! :) And holy cow...that new MFT!! I see a purchase coming on! I've seen two of the sets and love them both! Very cute and very fun! Can't wait for CHA!!!! **jumping up and down**

Bethany Paull

I was expecting a card. And what a pleasant surpise! I LOVE the wine label. So fun.

Christie Ortman

I love your wine bottle Carole! It is sooo cute - and what a great idea!


First of all - Huge Congrats on becoming a Dirty Girl, Carole!!! Next, fabulous cards - as always! Last but not least, I can't wait to see what you have in store for us at the release party!!! I'll see you there, girlfriend! ;)

Amy Sheffer

These are both awesome! Love the wine label - great idea! And the MFT card absolutely ROCKS!! Those bright colors just jump right off the screen! Looks like a great set, can't wait to see all the releases!

Stephanie Hargis

Haha! Your wine label is perfect! I love it! :D I am also loving your card with the new release on it! I can't wait to see what else is coming! I'll hopefully be able to make it to at least part of the release party because I am really curious as to what you have up your sleeve! :D

Christina Fischer

That wine label is beautiful and brilliant! I'm definitely a white-but-not-chardonnay girl, too...

Your MFT card is fantastic -- love the colors and patterns! See you at the party Wednesday! :)

cheryl Horton

Are you for real?! That wine label is to die for! I have so many friends that would love to get that as a gift. Guess where I'm going to shop next? Thanks for the enabling post :) Cheryl

jules p your new blog picture. And this wine label is so cute.
And I love the card too.

Jennifer Buck

Not only do I love these both! ...but I am thinking this is just about THE MOST fun challenge EVER! I think I need to get in on the action! ...or at least find some other willing participant! ;) Thanks for sharing, Carole! You are amazing! I'm a Pinot fan myself! Enjoying a glass even as I write this! LOVING the label and thinking I may have to case this one! Super cute and super fun! TFS! Hope you have a great night! :)

Lori Craig

Love your wine bottle!! Such a fun, thoughtful gift! Hugs!

Julia Stainton

So fun! Love this!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Such cute stuff, Carole! I love the wine label you made! I'm inspired to do up a bunch of those to have on hand for hostess gifts!


Wine is best shared with friends - when are we getting together? :)

Susanna Boyd

What a great competition -- you two clearly bring out the best in each other!

You got a shout out for the Card of the Week -- you can check out the post at


Okay, your wine label ROCKS!! So cool!!

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