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June 14, 2008


Dawn Easton

ROFL @ you...girl your crack me up! Thanks for the link to Amy's blog...I'll go check it out!

Your Queenie card is really cute! Love the DP you used...awesome saying too!

Have a fab

Carolyn King

Awesome card girl! What? You didn't know about Amy? Guess you just don't rank (or the friendship thing is just another Carole hallucination!)

Keri Lee Sereika

LOL what a fun card...your colors are so bright and happy!

Amy Sheffer

What a fun card, Carole! I love the look on Queenie's face! Glad you have your priorities back in order this week ;)
And thanks for the link to Amy's blog!

Dawn Easton

WHAT?! No post here about being a Dirty Girl??? I came to congratulate you and nothing...nadda...not a thing here...haha!

I'm super excited to see all your hot stuff during your term!


Ok, ok,'re right...I didn't want to be all *I'm blogging, come tell me how great I am* I'm here for my wet noodle lashing---lemme have it!

And, ah, I think you have been a bit busy this past dirty girl!

Love ya!

Maria Matter

Your blog always makes me laugh...aloud this time! This card is too cute! Love that sentiment! Thanks for doing what you do!!


hahaha u are funnny!
Great card! i love how the red pops up everything!


ROTFLMAO!!!! TOOOO funny about the new world, gotta luv ya!!

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