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November 25, 2008


diane mcvey

Love your Tang story...I used to get dry Jello, and stick a spoon into it; once licked, the jello stuck to it over and over...My Mom didn't keep many "goodies" in the house (and if there were, they were HERS!) so I improvised with the Jello! I even remember getting it when a girlfriend was over one time! (that was 40+ years ago!) I totally agree about the "character building", too...things will not likely be the same, with technology like it is. I think what we had was priceless! I have such GREAT memories!!! :D
Happy Thanksgiving!!

Christina Fischer

I love your stories -- but I DO love your creations more! It's a two-for-one deal each time I visit! :)

Your creations have been fantastic lately -- but that's nothing unusual!

I hope you are doing well in your "home away from home" and that you have a wonderful Thanksgiving! :)


Thanks for the point about character building; I'll remind our oldest of that the next time one of her younger siblings accesses her room to use something that is strictly off-limits.


Chris mott

LMAO literally. Your stories crack me up. I was never a latchkey kid..but remember my dad being in Korea and my mom would always be there...especially when I needed space. This reminds me of so many childhood memories..I was so glue to the Brady Bunch and The Partridge family...and dare I say Donny Osmond..of course I just turned 46 this past weekend. Keep your stories son was born on Elvis's birthday...and I love Clamback and Hawaiian Elvis the best...he used to be stationed here at Ft. Hood in this tiny house!


You are CRACKIN me up AGAIN!! I was the same forward a few years where I was sneaking up in the middle of the night, sitting in the living room floor as close to the TV as possible with the volume down way low, watching Space Camp and eating PB&J and drinkin koolaid...those were the days...


Mmmmmm...Tang. Almost as delicious as your card!!!

Kathy D

My sour taste buds are curious...did you just eat the Tang (and/or CountryTime lemonade) powder off the spoon? And don't worry, Channel 20 (WDCA, right? and Channel 45 was/is WBFF...they had Captain Chesapeake!) did not show cartoons ALL day. I think they had wrestling and roller derby, too! ;-)


There were three kids in my family and I was the oldest. . .at one point all of us were also latchkey kids. We would fight over the chocolate milk mix - the powdery stuff that never really dissolved completely and you would end up with a gooey chocolate confection in the bottom of your glass - YUM! Now everyone uses that chocolate syrup in a squeeze bottle - it's just NOT the same! I loved your story - well, I love all your stories! Hugs & Turkey Wishes!


Fantastic design, Carole! So much texture! You're cracking me up with the voting. :)

Melissa H

I also was a latchkey kid but had a twin and younger sister home after school, til mom or dad got home. I used to put tang or jello mix in a small container and eat it with a tooth pick. Meaning wet toothpick and dip and lick. I think I was the original creater of lick a maid candy.The one with the candy stick and strip of different candy crystals.

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