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January 13, 2009



Cute card. The colors are great and I like the cuttlebug embossing.

Jody Morrow

Cute card! I love the sock monkey. :)


Hmmm...sock money gives me nightmares...but I love Changito. I know...just have to be difficult. But I do like your card; love the colors!



lolol...I'm still laughing about the post above this one, but now I'm laughing about this one too. Your sock monkey is really cute....but like Michele above, I like the Changitos. What's wrong with the Changitos? You don't even like the spitting ones? lol. Oh! I just had an idea! Can you send me an image of the sock monkey? And leave some room to the left of him? lol.

Janet Sisk

Oh, I LOVE sock monkey, too! I think he is so adorable and REALLY looks like a real sock monkey. I had one when I was a kid so I guess that makes him special, too. This set was one of the first sets I bought when that catalog came out. You can stamp him all you want!!!!

Donna Bylak

I think you have to have grown up with a sock money, like I did, to appreciate him. I remember one Valentine's day when I was a kid, I got this box in the mail. When I opened it up, my aunt who live in Wisconsin made me a sock monkey! How I loved that monkey and the fact that Aunt Vi made it for me!! I noticed that not too many people know how to color it as they were made in the early 1960's, with the tan and cream body and red heel used for the mouth and hat.


Deborah Anton

How fun!! Love that monkey!

Joan B

great colors, great design. bad sock monkey!!

jules p

I love sock monkeys. I got a brand new one for christmas. honest! i have pictures to prove it. I was so happy. He is sitting on my hearth right now.


I love Sock Monkey!!!!! I've got to defend him too. :)

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