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February 25, 2009



BWAHAHAHHAAHA! OMG, Carole, I can't stop laughing! That is PRICELESS!!! LOL...such a sweet little girl (the image, not you). And then that sentiment! Still! You are a riot!!! :)

christina fischer

LOVE it!!!!! Such a sweet card, paired with that hilarious sentiment -- too funny!


Oh sassy! I like it!

Lori Craig

Darling - you crack me up...where do you come up with this stuff, girl?

Julie Campbell

Carole! You always come up with something that gets me laughing in the mornings. (Dont' take that the wrong way!) ;) Love the sentiment! And... I love the layered button accents too! Yum! :)

Shannan Teubner

LOL Too funny. I love it!
Oh, and I watched Little Miss Perfect last night, not too bad! Reminds me of Showbiz Moms & Dads.


That sentiment is too much!! LOL I love it!!! Gorgeous card!!


This is hilarious! Love the sentiment!! :-) You did a fab job coloring her...she looks amazing!

Tricia T

What a wonderfully fun challenge!!! Great job!


I am printing this sucker out and putting it on my husband's Mac! He majored in horticulture, ya know! ROFLOL!!!

Alli Miles

You even know how to get a sick girl laughing! Thanks I really needed that...I just can't kick this flu. Anyways, about your the colouring, the paper piecing and the sentiment.

Chris Mott

What fun colors Carole. I just ordered her, and am waiting on EZ mount. Love the Bellas, but hate to mount them. I would love to see you all make


OMG, Carole--you are so naughty (sentiment) and I just love ya for having the balzers to do it! When I first laid eyes on this sweety, I was amazed at your copic coloring and then I read the it again...laughing my arss off!

You dirty girl, you!

Maureen W.

OMG that saying is TOO FUNNY!!!! And your card rocks too!


That sentiment ROCKS...too funny!!

Kathy D

OK, Carole, I just spewed diet coke onto my monitor over that sentiment!


Carole! :) Thanks for stopping in my blog and leaving me love. And yes, you would tower over me, no problem!
You are so funny, lady! I love popping over here to read your delicious craziness- it’s addictive ya know! :)

Joanne Basile

Your coloring is beautiful! And, let me just say that I nearly peed in my pants reading that sentiment! ((hugs)))

Carolyn King

LOVE it. Awesome colors.this is so "Carole"!

jen del muro

so cute! this is my fave rcrw stamp!!

Michelle Woerner (sf9erfan)

Super cute! Again, the colors are spot on! Love the sentiment too.

AND, you simply MUST read Twilight books -trust me, you won't be sorry. This from someone who WOULD NOT make the time to read since having my first kid 5 years ago!!


This is soooooooooooo sweet! Love it Carole!

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