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February 04, 2009


The Plaid Elephant

OMG- those cupcakes are the cutest thing I've ever seen!


super adorable! What a great idea Carole!

Deborah Anton

Awesome project.. but you knew that already! ; ) How cute is Courtney???!! OMGosh....

Shannan Teubner

DUDE! These are just adorable!!

Rose Ann

You are just waaaaay too clever for your own good, girl!! These are so cute, and what an inspiration!! LOVE them!!


Show ;) THESE ARE ADORABLE. Make's me wish I had your skills!! Cute, cute, cute....and one more cute for good measure :)


Carole these cupcakes are so stinkin' cute!!! I just love them - if I can find the time I may need to make some as decorations for Courtney's birthday party this weekend!! Thanks so much for helping me celebrate today, I truly appreciate it!!


What a great project! No calories, either!

Leslie Miller

Carole, these are the most fun EVER!! Cute for birthday celebrations or, heck, I'd leave them out as kitchen decor all year long. Wow! These are just too cute and clever!


Oh my goodness are these ever clever and cute Carole!! LOVE 'em!!

Melissa Sauls

Those are so stinkin' cute! Just love them! You are so incredibly creative.


Wow what a creative idea. These are amaZING cupcakes. Thanks so much for the inspiration.


WOW; those are truly amazing; you're so creative!!!

Now...Cammie and you come OUT OF THE CLOSET! lol

Nancy Riley

Carole, I don't think I've ever seen such creative and yummy cupcakes! WOW!


Aaaakkkk!!! LOVE IT!!! Those cupcakes are 'like totally awsome'. Little Miss C is a star too - soo sweetly adorable!!
Passing on to you a blog award I got today - will have it posted to my spot in a few...

Joan B

You are a paper genius.


Holy COW! These are flippin' fantastic Carole!! LOVE them!! Gotta make me some!!!


SERIOUSLY???????? These are AMAZING!!! Love them!

Michele B

These are so cute, Carole! I love the buttons on top!


What a cutie!! And OMGosh on those cupcakes, they are fabulous!! You have an awesome blog, thanks for stopping by mine.


These are amazing!!! Have a great weekend.


You really are so amazingly creative, Carole. This is hands-down adorable! I wish I had just a smidgen of your creativity and style...fabulous!

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