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February 17, 2009


Donna B

guess I'm the first one up, when I need to be sleeping! love the hop & welcome back, you! LOVE your samples!!


Awwwwwwwww, so glad you are back!! Missed ya bunches, babe!!! Mwah!!!

Jean Buhl

This was my first MFT blog! What fun! Now I am addicted! Already loved the stamps, now am a fan of the blog hops too! What funn!! Thanks for all the work yoou all put into it! ANd WELCOME BACK!!

Jean Buhl
Albuquerque, NM


YAYYYYYY!!!!! Welcome back Carole..if we lived closer I would come hug's would be worth the trip!!! Super cute cards!!


Such fun cards!! Love everything! Funny stuff!


omg . . . this set had me totally cracking up from the kim's post to yours! what an awesome set!!! gotta say this has to be my fav blog hop so far!!! oh . . . and congrats on coming back to MFT!

Christina Fischer

WOOOOOOOHOOOOOOOOO!!!!!! Welcome back!!!!! I wish you could see the big smile on my face! Bring on the crap-i-ness!! :)


Love the samples - great piecing on the Drinks Well! Have fun at Bob the Builder!

Cindy Haffner

Welcome back, so happy for you and us.


love these cards, but the 2nd HAS to be my

Darlene L

OMG--these are just too, too funny. I love them all! Thanks for the chance to win and welcome back Carole. Your card examples are just outstanding as always.

Wendi K

Welcome back Carole...This was my first MFT BLOG HOP and surely not my last..

Shannon Roberts

Oh YAY! I am so excited for you on so many levels but Seeing Bob just might take the cake; lol! I soooooo need this sentiment; lmbo!


Well, how about I just pray that you never change! I love all your work and I loved this blog hop. I'd love it more if those fabulous stamps made their way to my house!


Awesome cards...I love the Twisted, Too sentiments! Hope I win! lol!

joy aka daiseyfreak

love it love it love it! I am soooo getting this set!

Kathy Kelsheimer

Now, that was fun!! All of the cards made me chuckle...and they were all tastefully done. Thank you for the entertainment! This is a "must have" set!

Jody Morrow

Awwww, big hugs for you my friend! I am SO glad you are back with MFT! :) Welcome back! YAYAYAYAYAYAYAY You know I am your biggest cheerleader!

Your card is super cute! I really love the wine hanger thingy too.


Very cool! I love the wine topper taggy thingy!


What a way to make a come back! LOVE LOVE LOVE your creations with this new twisted set! I love that "Drinks well with others"! LOL! Awesome work!

Amy Sheffer

Wooo hoooo!!!! I can't think of a better ending to the blog hop! So excited you're back with MFT! Awesome projects, done in true Carole style!

chriss blagrave

Great cards. It seems these sentiments really are uniquely funny and I should probably order a set. I have friends with great senses of humour! I have had great examples on this fun blog hop!

Deb Neerman

LOVE that sentiment, "Drinks Well with Others!" Tooo funny! And too true but ...

Love your wine bottle topper thingie whatchamacallit. Perfect!

Glad you're back on Team MFT ... Cammie missed you soooooooo much.

Christine aka Stampin' Ninja

OMG! I love this set! It's awesome! This is why MFT rocks - no one else would create a stamp set like this one! I must have it! Pick me, pick ME!!!
Hugs, Christine aka The Stampin' Ninja

Dana White

Love all the samples and the new set is FANTASTIC!


Welcome Home... Looking forward to seeing more of "you" in the next releases... And I'm tellin ya, you MUST love Cammie to make a card JUST FOR HER!!! OMG I had tears...thanks for the breakdown of the cherries on the ribbon too! LMAO

You are WAY too creatively cruel! LOL

Bonnie aka raduse

Carole, this set is definitely one of those made for you ones. Welcome back to MFT.


Great cards from everyone! I love the new twisted sentiments and have so many girlfriends who I could make great cards for with these sentiments!

Cathy D

Really cute ideas with the wine and glasses. Totally cute card.

Jenni King

bwahahha!! Drinks well with others!!! Notuh!! No way am I sharing, but it's a funny sentiment!! Definately on my wanted list!!! :) I have a funny funny story about Pinot Grigio, but that's for another time. Great Blog Hop!!!
THANKS for the giggles.


aww u are back! congrads and welcome! such cute cards all over these blogs...ty for sharing..and ty for the chance..*fingers crossed* where did I put my whine...Cher


Welcome back!! Love this set :

Maureen W.

Welcome back Carole!! I'm so glad to see you back just in time for this new set!! LOVE both projects, especially the wine topper thingy - love those bright colors!


This was my first ever blog hop, I found it almost as much fun as MFT stamps, thanks to all of you


Absolutelly fantastic sentiments! I loved the blog hop, you ladies made some awesome cards. Thanks for the chance to win this amazing set. I´d just like to say that my favorite is "Wanna make like bunnies?" . Hilarious!
x Natasha x


Finally...a stamp set that tells it like it is! This hop was a hoot!

Jodi (mommyto4)

What another fun blog hop with lots of fabulous designs! These sentiments are great! Thanks so much for the chance to win :)


This set is amazing. I think I'm going to have to take the plunge and buy this. Unless I win? :O)


I love, love, love the new set. I can make my current fave phrase: crap-tacular!!! How awesome is that? The only thing that would be more awesome is to win it, of course.

ps. Congrats on joining the MFT crew again :)


Welcome back Carole, it's about time hehe ... fantastic cards!

Kim Prince

LOL!! All the cards from the blog hop are awesome and have me chuckling! I have the Twisted Sentiments #1, and this set is a must have too! I am glad to see you are back with MFT Carole, your work is amazing! Thank you for the chance to win!!!

Kari C

YaY!!! Welcome back! Love these "sentiments". It's awesome that not everything has to be all nicey-nice when you have friends that aren't and would get it!


Welcome back!! Your projects are gorgeous!! The wine tag is FANTASTIC and the card for Cammie is too cute!!!

Oh, and enjoy Bob on Friday! I hear he is a fun guy to hang with! :)


Love your card and all these others are absolutely awesome as well! Can't wait to get my hands on this new set.


Welcome back, Carole!! :) LOVE your card and wine tag! That card totally cracked me up.


What a FUN blog hop!!! I am absolutely in love with the Twisted sayings. They're hilarious!

Diane Hover

The wine tag "thingie" is great, so colorful! Have fun at Bob The Builder! I have the Bling Bet, what a fun way to use it...TFS!!!

Kim Getchel

A great blog hop to look at all the Twisted sayings, they are great, would love the chance to win.

Bonnie Sharp

This whole twisted blog hop is too weird first thing in the morning!! LOL! Love every creation and glad you are back!! One other thing........I WANT this you HEAR ME???!!! pleasepleasepleasepleasepickemepickmepickmepickme

Stephanie Eisele

Welcom Back!! Love the cards. The drinking one so fits me. Of course I can drink with anyone that's buying. hehehe

Awna S.

Love all of the cards and think that the sayings are hillarious!


Wow Carole!! This is your big and exciting news--I was wondering when you were going to come out with it! Love your creations here.


YAYAYAYAYAY!!!! And welcome back! We surely missed you and your twisted senses.....

Chrissy Bower

omg! These sentiments just ROCK!!!!!!!!! If I win, I swear I would use everyone in a card at some point!

Andra Donbrook

Oh what fun! I just completed the Blog Hop and enjoyed lots of laughs and lots of inspiration. You are all so talented!

What a great way to start the day and what a fun set! I love the saying "That purse makes you look so skinny". Too funny! :)


mollymoo951 (Melissa)

Awesome blog hop! And welcome back!

Cathy Green

This set is a hoot! I'm already dreaming up a bunch of cards for these sayings!

Holly aka Toy

If i can stop laughing long enough to type, I will just tell you how awesome you are!!


OMG, Carole - you are cracking me up and your projects are FANTASTIC!!! I am SO giddy that you are back - YAY!!!!

Chris Olsen

What a fun blog hop!! What a way to start the morning!! Got to have this set!!

Love your card!! (I really chuckled on that one. You can only send that to someone you really know and care about unless you want darts shot your way!!)

Your wine card is also awesome!

Amber aka bambi64

Was counting the minutes until you were back where you belonged. Knew it was coming! So happy to be with you on MFT too, ya dirty thing. Love Cammie's card and all the detail in the drink card. Hugs.


Love the new set!

Have fun with BOB!

Julie Masse

Carole, soooooo great to see you back with MFT!! What a funny set this is and I love both of you projects - gave me a chuckle!! Congrats girl! :)

Alicia Chaparro

home sweet home! Welcome back! Loving this set just as much as the first one!

Hugs and Blessings

Judy Bishop

This is my 2nd blog hop and I'm currently waiting delivery on my first MFT order and i can't wait!!! You girls are amazing. I'm the prim & proper one in the family, wouldn't it be fun to shake things up a bit with my family using this new set!!!

Janet B

Ooooohhh...I'd love to win this. What a cool set!

jules p

Your card and bottle topper are great. Along with all the other MFT girl's cards. I love the new set of sentiments. They are fitting in so many ways. Love it! :)

Jennifer Roney

Loved the hop, and must now buy the stamp set! My BSF's fave phrase is craptacular, so...I must buy it and make her cards. My husband thanks you...not!

Katie W

Totally love that stamp set! Definitely has som emust stamp sentiments. Thanks for the Hop and welcome back to MFT!

Sheila Hurst

These are so great! I loved all the examples and now I am so inspired to get to more card making. I would love this set! The drinking one...yup that works well with a lot of my friends!!! Also, after being at work a lot of days the "straight out of the carton" works well. Ha! Ha!


I just LOVE your blog - and your sense of humor! Thanks so much for the constant inspiration (and laughter!)

Oh - and thanks for the opportunity to win this set too!! I have the first one and LOVE LOVE LOVE IT!


Very fun! I love how you combine the sets and the sentiments! Love your sense of humor!

Rhiannon B

I love this new set!! It is exactly my sense of humor. Welcome back - I can't wait to see what else you create!


Congrats! Love your fabulous cards. You are so talented and inspiring. Thanks for a chance.


OMG!! Without the bling and the crap head would be PERFECT for my DH!! bwhahaaa!! (and I mean that in the most affectionate way!!)

Vicky Sitterly

How fun........I love Twisted two and the papers are gorgeous!!
Thanks for the opportunity!!


I just love what you did with your cards, they were just cracking me up. Not sure what I would do with them, but I would like to see ;)


Fantastic samples! 'Drinks well with others' is my fave sentiment - it so fits. I'm glad you're back with the MFT crew!!!


Welcome back to the AWESOME MFT team. What a great HOP! Love all the great inspriing projects.

Rose Ann

Both of these are so cute, and so "twisted"! Love them...and thanks for my morning giggle!! ;)

Lisa Graves

Love the twisted sentiments! Fabulous projects. :-)

Karen McCoy

What a great set of "twisted" phrases. I just love them and think they will be great for all kinds of occasions! And this twisted blog hop was fun! Thank you!


OMG ... I love these! What a great set with the perfect sense of humor!

Shannon Bracken

This has been an awesome hop!!!!!! I love each one of the DT's designs with this set. It's a must have!!!

Patty J

So glad to have you back in the line-up. I've enjoyed your creations in the past (and your humor) and look forward to all your new pieces of art!

Beth M

I love not only Twisted Too, but also pinot grigio! What a great bottle tag this is... I mean, if you can actually bring yourself to give a bottle away! Great Blog Hop and I will definitely be buying this set if I don't win it.

Stephanie Smith

Loved every bit of the hop, though the second card on the hop had me wondering. Thanks for the chance to win the set.

Shelley Merk

What a great blog hop! Very edgy and fun cards. Thanks for sharing


Randee Elsing

I love ALL of the cards and the blog hop was so fun and a great way to enjoy my morning coffee! Your creativity is inspiring . . .twisted, but inspiring :0)


I love these blog hops, great ideas and fantastic creations. I think my fav is your wine bottle topper. My cousin would adore that one.

thank you for the inspiration!


Oh that was such fun! Thanks to all the ladies, and keep up the good work.

Michelle Hoger

I love that "drinking" one. It's not something you see in normal stamping circles. I also love the whole blog hop thing. You must have a riot being with all those talented and "twisted" stampers.


Beautiful work! I love how the Glossy Accents make the glass look real.


Those sentiments crack me up!
Love your cards!
And I surely loved my blog-hop! ;0))

Ying Ho

Welcome back! Love your cards.

Dean Dykes

Welcome Home!!

Nicole Lamarche

Absolutely hilarious! I can't wait to win!!!


LOVE what you did Carole and it's nice to 'meet' you!

Sue DeMaria

Love the bottle topper and the Cammie card to totally appropriate! Great coloring!

Nicole Anderson

OH MY GOSH, I totally want these phrases! HAHAHA!! I was shocked to see a few, but I think they are awesome!! Kudos to a company that isn't afraid to put themselves out there with sentiments we ALL say now and then!!

Thanks for the chance to win! Nicole

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