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March 25, 2009



Definitely a child of the 80s, but also a child of the theater, so my first thought on Masquerade was Phantom, not Berlin. And although we seem to have nearly everything else in common, you lose me on the rap. Although I have a new found respect for Ludacris! Oh, and I voted last night. :-)


I have a funny Nelly story too, on my blog.

And I also like Ludacris. He was on Martha Stewart a few months back, too funny!


LUDE--AH! Roll out is classic.

I like Ridin' Dirty, too.

Fiddy is also a fave.


I have NO IDEA who you are talking about here! Nelly? Ludacris? **shrugging shoulders** It's actually kind of scary how you progressed from Flopsey (my "project") to rappin' about a pole in the basement. lol. I love ya anyway!

Deborah in TX

You had me at Sugar Hill Gang!! I think I still have the actual, not a CD, but the vinyl, the LP! ...and Run DMC with we're talking!!


OMG Carole, I'm sittin here with tears running down my face AND singing along witcha! FO SHO my lil home slice... LMAO My son just FREAKS when DH and I start gettin all coolio and start showin our "swag" LOL He sais the other day "You guys are so white!" OMG I DIED....

You are SO friggin entertaining....

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