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April 16, 2009


Linda Bandow

Like you I am so excited for this gifted lady who came out of nowhere....imagine having hidden this for so-o-o long. Hooray! for her and hope for how many others!


Yes I did Carole, it was on the news yesterday, and her personal story is very uplifting- her voice is AMAZING - she shut up her critics who only looked at her outward appearance and quickly dismissed her; she got everyone attention now :) so good for her!!!


I just heard about this today, heard she's amazing. Will watch when I get home tonight! :)

Joan B

Yes, it is amazing. Good for her!! Yeah! Did you see the Paul Potts one last year? He did the same thing on that show. I saw him live in DC (youngest in the crowd, but whatever!!).

Beth F

Yes she is fantastic. I just cried through the whole performance. just a little house frau and a voice of an angel.

Jerri Kay

Carole, I totally agree! I was sent an e-mail two days ago. I sat in stunned silence and just listened and then cried, a happy cry! I've watched it over and over again, I love it. Not only is her voice amazing, but her sweet personality totally won me over, it wouldn't have mattered what her voice sounded like after listening to her speak, her sweetness won me over.

jules p

Loved it. Not only for her singing talent, but everyone "dismissed" her because of her looks.


I was just about to email you! She is just amazing. And it was wonderful to see all those smug faces drop in amazement and wonder.

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