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April 02, 2009


Gabriela (Gabi With An Eye)

Carole - he's beautiful! I think I'm in love with your little Carter. Thank you for sharing this moving and poignant post.

Susan Raihala

Thank you, Carole, for sharing your story and the adorable picture of Carter! As another mother of a son with a brain disorder (autism, in my son's case), I relate so well to your profound sense of gratitude for those who help our children grow, thrive, and learn, as well as to your need to share your experience--and Carter's--as an advocate for other children as well.

A big thanks to MFT for putting this set out and to all who buy it for contributing to a wonderful cause!


Thanks for sharing your story again Carole, you are such a wonderful mom and Carter is the second most adorable Carter I've ever seen! ;-) I just love this set - not only did they include a TRAIN (we know how ALL Carters love their trains!!) but I also love that he's holding a blankie. I call my Carter my "little Linus" because he loves his blankie so. Awesome set benefiting a worthy cause. I plan to place my order on Saturday - sure hope it's not sold out by then! (although I suppose in the grand scheme, it's ok if it is!)


Oh Carole....beautifully said, beautifully done. Blessings on you Mama as you continue to fulfill your precious purpose....he is blessed to have you!


Carole, thanks for sharing that part of you. As the mom of special needs child, or should I say young adult, I share so much of your story. My life wouldn't not be the same without her and it has been a remarkable journey. Carter is so cute! I can't wait to get my stamp set. After four daughters, I have a grandson! I need boy stamps!


your story was very personal and inspiring. Thanks for sharing. Your son is so adorable; those blue eyes melts any heart! I am glad that Kim is so generous; I find her such awonderful person too! I will enjoy playing with this stamp!

christina fischer

You made me weepy again, my friend! Your Carter is one adorable little boy -- and I love working with him in ink! Thanks for sharing him with all of us! :)


Carole, thank you for sharing your heart with us ... that is one precious little boy! Tis so exciting to hear about EuroPeds and the wonderful work they are doing.

Terry Helin

What a wonderful story and what a beautiful Son you have. I am an OT and work with special needs passion...what a joy for me. Thank you for sharing. I will be purchasing this set. Terry

Janet Sisk

Your son is SO adorable. As a mom of a specials needs young adult(she will be 20 this month!) I know exactly where you are coming from. You have such a healthy attitude about your son's condition. I especially like the saying "It is what it is." That is so true, no matter what the condition. Thanks for being willing to share you experience with others.

Julie Masse

I don't know how I missed it Carole, but I didn't know this was a charity set and it was all about Carter!! Thanks so much for posting this so I could catch up!! Definitely will be buying this set!! And your Carter is just beautiful (oh my 4 yo son would hit me if he heard me say that - I mean of course, he's very, very handsome!!) ;)


{{{Carole}}} What a beautiful post! how exciting for you all to be part of this and to help other children like Carter. My friends daughter has CP. She's 16 and I've watched the challenges every day. The mothers, families and especially the children themselves all deserve a medal for the love, heart and determination to overcome the obstacles. Best wishes on making this very worthwhile cause a success. And big hugs for Carter. :)


What a Gem of a boy...Carole, he is adorable and of COURSE that set is enroute to me.... I hope Kim sells out of those sets EVERY WEEK!!!!!

What a great cause and darn but that lil man is handsome!

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