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April 14, 2009


denise (peanutbee)

Awesome card!! Love that new stamp...she's sweet. Great colors and the bling on her hand is SUCH a great idea!!

Erin Bigler

Another perfect card! Will have to definitely get this set, as texting is just about the ONLY way my 14 year-old communicates anymore! Thanks for the inspiration!

Lisa T

Stunning card! You've colored her in SO well. (I love to color and really appreciate people who do it well.) I'll have to check out that new set.


PG-13??? Who you tryin' to kid? I'm afraid to even stop over here for fear of my computer blowing up from all the innuendos and such, bwah, ha ha ha!

For example, look at all the great curves on today's card--innuendo! Then look at all the satin and the look she's giving out--innuendo! I tell ya, don't come crying to me when they slap a rating something other than "PG-13" on Mother's Little Helper (another "innuendo"!).

Love ya!

Erin Smetak

Hey Carole! Great card!!! I would wear that outfit! If I was that skinny!!!

I noticed on your blog, your middle text column is over so the first letter of all the words on the Left side are hidden! I wasn't sure if you noticed that, but I just wanted to mention that to you!!!


A fantastic card Carole!!

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