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April 14, 2009



yummy ... you have me wanting cupcakes now too hehe!

Cindy Haffner

Love all the sparkle, so yummy Carole.

Betty aka ZacksNana

so bright and cheery and love the sparkles.


Wow! Bling it on baby!

Jody Morrow

Awwww, cute card! I think it's hilarious that we all made her want FOOD! LMBO! Too funny! She wants all the same things I do. :) Congrats to you and your niece. Talent must run in your family... BIG TIME! HUGS!


OH WOWZERS..... I thought you had Seed Beaded this sucker... LOL Good ole doodlebug.... This card SCREAMS for someone to STOP AND STARE!!!!!

Congrats on the Family affair! SUPER COOL!!!! Glad to hear about more a comin....


Gorgeous! I love the turquoise. Congrats to you niece - this is a fabulous set!!


Super cute and love the blue dress!!


Oh I love the cupcakes!!! She looks stunning in her sparkly dress!!!


This is fabulous Carole!!

Jerri Kay

Lovin' this new set, what a fabulous card Carole!

Beth S

Wonderful card. Love all the sparkle.

Jennifer Scull

your niece did a faboo job on this set! it is a 'must have' for me! love the addition of the cuppies!

Holly aka Toy

I think we have established that this is one versatile set! All the cards are awesome and yours is just deeeeeeeelightful!!

Amy Sheffer

How awesome, Carole! Love the Tiffany's feel and all the sparkle! And congrats to your niece!

Denise~Paper Ponderings

Fantastic! This gal is going top be so popular peering in at all the important stuff in life! Great card!

Carolyn King

Super cute--LOVE the tiffany coloring! yummy cupcakes too!


Super cute, Carole! I just love all that sparkliness!!


OMG, Carole - I think we were on the same wavelength with this set - is that bad?? Hee hee...this card is FABULOUS - I love how you've framed the image - it really pops!!!

Gabriela (Gabi With An Eye)

Carole - you nailed the Breakfast at Tiffany's look. This is out of this world! You amaze me.

Barbara Riley

How sweet! There's just something about her that reminds you of Audrey Hepbern (sp?) isn't there? Love it.


Love this! Congrats to your niece.


Great card Carole! Love those yummy cupcakes!


Wow beautiful card. Those cupcakes look good enough to eat.

jules p

I love love love how you made her dress sparkle. Great card!

Christina Fischer

Love it!!! The Tiffany's theme is perfect! I'd certainly stop to look in THAT window (although I wouldn't look nearly that good! :)

Sarah Martina

Amazing job making the store front window appear 3D! Awesome!

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